Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Synopsis: May be a Spoiler- but Under Construction, of course ;)

There are some people who are expressing great interest in my book. So, I'm creating this website to give a few hints about what each chapter is composed of. I won't spoil the story, but, I'll share just a general idea of where each Chapter is going... after I'm done writing that particular chapter.


A new life filled with disappointment. An opportunity for success. A close-call; while attempting to travel down a road she's hoping is from God. A sudden spontaneous move, after losing her job and finding her way out of a broken relationship. A journey in search for Mr. Right that leads down a path filled with drama, despair, and depression. A call to God. A man who brings a fresh awakening to her lost soul. A God who joins them together in the most unique way. A storm that's quickly approaching, causing her to make a sudden decision. Kyla, has been through-what seems like- it all. After finally coming back to God, Will He allow her heart to be awakened in the nick of time to save her and her family?

Stay Tuned...

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