Friday, February 1, 2008

Brief Summary of Chapter Two

(Excerpt from book)

“I really believe that I have reached the limit of heart ache for one person. Seriously, I don't even think I can really write everything about how I feel right now. Yet, again, in my depressed life I deem it necessary to share my feelings. And this time for a man who I held at such a high level in my life. He wasn't like any of the other men I've dated before. In fact, we weren't even dating. We were, or rather are, “friends”. I must have been stupid to think that I could be something more to him. Oh, but his kiss... his touch; definitely things a woman wants in a man. And when we sat next to each other in the movies, I felt so secure in his arms when he'd put his arms around me. It was a little uncomfortable at first, but it was cute to try and work it out. I'm laughing on the outside, yet, I feel like I'm dying in the inside. I still want to be his friend, but, I don't even know if I can have a healthy “friend” conversation with him anymore...and I don't even know if I'll see him again. Life is truly like a box of chocolates and I'm sick of getting the lets still be friends card. I'm hurt, angry, frustrated, disappointed yet relieved because I can be alone, do my thang and not have a care in the world for anyone else but myself. Why do men make women go there? It seems like they want us to take the walls down, but, they seem to make us put them up. I really do hope we can maintain a good and healthy friendship. There's something about him that makes me want to still be a part of his life, even if it's just his friend. And he sounded as if he would have been hurt if I said no. So, friends I guess is what it is. I guess I'm pretty good at being people's “friend”, and I suck at anything else. That's what it's going to be from now on. No emotional attachments, no holding hands, no kissing, no hugging... just a hardy hand shake.”

A hardy hand shake indeed...

Kyla, once again, continues on in great determination to not allow herself to grow weary. Seems like it's been one thing after the next (which I'm sure most readers can relate to). Yet again, she checks her email only to find another message sent by Kameron; another word of encouragement.

(Excerpt from book)

...He (God) puts on us pretty close to more than we can bear, but never more, so take comfort in that.

Your diligence will be rewarded in many ways, a friend to go to for encouragement, a husband, family, job, etc. Its all in line...pressure is what makes diamonds and the process of grinding and polishing isn't pretty but the result it stunning.

This was timely and pure encouragement indeed.

We leave chapter two with a bit of incite as to who this Kameron is and how Kyla slowly begins to allow him to be a friend to her. With a huge defense mechanism and brick wall around her emotions, she's sure not to allow him to get too close.

Stay Tuned...

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