Saturday, February 2, 2008

Special Thanks...

I want to take this moment to give special thanks to my wonderful, God-sent, amazing husband, Kellus!

There are often times when I am SO exhausted and I don't have any energy to write. When I am feeling that way, he does his best to get me to relax. He'll take the baby and let me lay down and close my eyes for a quick power nap. He cooks dinner for me... he helps me clean... he does so much more that I truly can't even begin to explain. Spiritually, he's my accountability partner and he prays for me daily.

This book is very important to me and he is such a great support through out the entire process. So far it's been months since I've been writing...consistently...and the entire time he has been my motivation. There are times when I feel like no one is listening, nor wants to hear me talk about the book. Very seldom do others ask me how it's going or even remember that I'm writing it. However, he listens to me share in great excitement about each chapter!

Not only does he listen to my ideas... he'll give me feed back. He'll sit down while I read an entire chapter that I've written and then let me know what he thinks about it. I'm not sure if people knew this about him, but he's an extremely talented Editor. I mean, his grammar is simply perfect! I'm not the best in that field, even as a writer, but he sure is. If I feel like something doesn't sound right... I just call him in the room. He's just that involved.

I thank God for my husband... for his love, his strength, his dedication and faithfulness to God, me and my son and for his undying support through out this endeavor of mines.

Prayers and Blessings to you,

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