Thursday, March 27, 2008


It was about almost 1am this morning when I prayed and finally got back to where I left off; writing that is. I took out my work that was critiqued at the meeting and read over and over and OVER at the comments. Someone was gracious enough to leave a comment on my blog encouraging me to WRITE WRITE WRITE. She didn't know this, but this was the 3rd time someone mentioned that to me... Confirmation Indeed!

Several trillion things came to mind about the world of editing my own work. I need to do more showing and not telling... I need to write in either past or present tense... I need to stop thinking so much and write. A cloudy mind began to take over me like a a foggy cloud over the peek of the Rockies. Lord, here I go again.

One of the comments given at the meeting was an idea that I should changing the beginning. I will work on that today and try to send it to a friend to critique it for me.

I'm no professional writer by any means- I'm walking blindly only holding the Lords hand as he takes me through this journey.

Describe being Descriptive!

This book will be a good one!

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Tanya said...

Hey, Kennisha! I jumped over here from Mary DeMuth's blog. Your comment on "I want to be published, but ..." echoes my thoughts exactly!! I feel like I'm running to catch up and am never quite sure of where I'm going in this writing thing. Anyway, just wanted to say "HI!" -- from one aspiring writer to another. I wish you all the best.

Oh, and your son is ADORABLE! It's tough juggling writing with being a mom. But God knows our hearts. If we keep our eyes on Him, He'll align all things for tomorrow to contain all it needs.