Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Challenge of Writing Alone!


Let me first point out that I really enjoy writing. It's one of my greatest and creative passions. I write from my heart- not out of the desire to get paid. Writing is not a job to me. It's a craft! It's a way of escape in a dark world... it speaks volumns about the person- It allows me to explore and journey to into the stars and over/across the rainbow.- It helps me express rage and fear; love and compassion- It's a way to encourage, inspire and motivate people to succeed. Bottom line, it's a VOICE!

But, let me say that it is trully challenging being in this creative and amazing world alone. Now, don't get me wrong- Hubby tries to peek his head in my world every once in a while... friends really care about what I'm doing and ask when they can remember... But, I don't have a writing partner- a buddy who I can write with or who would really understand my lingo. Sad about it? Well, I'm not. I just makes it very challenging...

But, I must prevail!!!!


Tiffany Stuart said...

Don't give up. Use your creative outlet to be a voice. Whether published for money or on a blog or in a journal, practice writing.

You can do it!

Anonymous said...

I feel that I'm in the same situation. AND I have an 11-month-old and I'm 5 months pregnant. :o) Wanna be writing buddies?

beckie said...

The best advice I can give was given to me by an Engish instructor.' Write, write, write!'
Getting your thoughts on paper is the first step. You can then go back and organize them and apply the rules of writing.

Good luck with your dream.