Sunday, March 2, 2008

Constant Changes!

Greetings readers and supporters!

Wow, this is becoming very interesting. I didn't realize that I would add a new Chapter One as many times as I have. My original Chapter One is now Chapter Four! Crazy huh? Well, I'm guessing other writers/authors know about this.

Truthfully, I am now more excited about the book. I'm currently crossing over 40,000 words and am pressing on. The story line is becoming much more interesting, as I really have been putting more "umph" into it. If that makes sense. I'm concentrating a lot on building the characters through out the book, but,most importantly making sure the flow is an even one; from chapter to chapter.

I'm currently on chapter two, again, but am also writing chapter 12! So, as I mentioned before, this is very interesting!

I'm putting some of my personal testimony into the book. This isn't a non-fiction book. It is a fiction book that's based on a true story, so, that means most of the events that's happened in this book are true, but there have been slight changes. This makes it more real for me because I can really pour real emotion into it. Now, will you know what's real or not? Well, if you personally know me and have read this book, you'll know what parts I've made up and what parts are true events. For those who do not know me... I pray you're blessed by the story and encouraged to seek Jesus!

Continue to pray for me as I continue writing!

I'll update you soon!

God Bless,

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