Friday, March 28, 2008

Crawling, Standing and Pink and White Bikes!

Crawling aimlessly around the room from toy to toy, Prince Kellus starts to experience with the idea of standing on his two feet. His toys seem to bore him as he whines; desiring to try something new. Behold! My shiny blue toy box awaits me, he babbles.I must findeth my way to tackle thee.

Finally, he carefully pulls up and braces himself; in complete excitement at his balls, bunny rabbit and congo's. I DID IT!, he exclaims. I can stand on my own!

How amazing is it that I've gotten such a deeper revelation from observing my almost 8 month old crawl up to his toy box and standing to his feet. GROWTH and PATIENCE seem to have light up in my mind like 2 huge billboards with yellow neon lights bordering them. Ok Lord, I got it now.

Ever heard anyone say that patience is a virtue? Well, Lord have mercy- Growth must be one too. In fact, how can you have one without the other? In order to successfully grow you must learn patience. This hand and hand team can be a challenging one to stay up in...but the end results are breathtaking; or so I'm told.

As a new mother, I am in complete amazement at his growth and development. I have a blog just for him. You can visit it here. To see him crawling is one thing that blows my mind, but to see him standing up is another. Those fat chubby thighs and strong will reminds me of me! I'm not saying that my thighs are chubby (I beg to differ) but I've always been a strong-willed and determined person. (trust me my mother can vouch for this!)

Zonthia, my mother, often tells the story of a determined little girl- determined to ride her pink bicycle with no training wheels. Did I mention I was 4 years old? We would go to the park often to ride bikes. There my 2 year older than me brother was riding his big boy bick and little short me with long pig tails was riding my Pink and White Bike aka my baby bike. Mommy... Daddy... Lord, somebody... I don't want to ride this baby bike anymore, I'd yell! To make a long really adorable story short, Daddy looked at me with pitty in his eyes and said NO! I cried. He said NO again. I cried some more and this time poked my botton lip out. Yes, you know the face. He then says, "Ok Kennisha, but you're gonna fall off." I didn't care. I looked up at the boiling hot sun that was frying my shoulders and I took a sip of my water out of my strawberry short cake cup. I got on my bike and Daddy gave me a push.

Sure I fell. But, I was not going to be embarrassed! I was a sassy little thing. I got back on the bike and fell two more times. After scraping my knee, I got back on...this time Daddy let me go and I was riding like I was a Nascar Driver- just with my two wheels. My tony tails were flying everywhere! I even think I lost a ribbon or two.

My determination forced me to pull through and I did it.

So, one thing I realize about me is that I am very determined. I am going to write this book, but, I understand that it's all going to work out in God's perfect timing. I'm growing as a writer. Shoot, a year ago writing was just a hobby. Now, I can see how God will really use it on a different and higher level. It's challenging, but I'm pressing through and enjoying the ride. I'm having fun too by the way! I love what I'm writing- they are all great stories and even if it's a long time before I'm published...everything happens for a reason and God will get the glory anyhow! Amen? Amen and Amen!


Anonymous said...

I love this stage! So cute!!!! I can't believe they grow so fast.

He is precious! Adorable!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think I left another comment from George's... I didn't think it went through but it did. OOPSIES!