Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I can do this!

Phillipians 4:13
"I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who gives me Strength!"

This passage of scripture is pretty popular in the Christian world. I'm sure we've all heard it at least a trillion times in our walks as believers. In my journey as a writer, since this is the road I believe the Lord has me on, I hold on tightly to his word- in all honesty holding on to it like I'm holding on to a tree branch that's saving me from falling into the Nile.

This is a very unpredictable industry and you are reading the writing of a woman who's had a reputation of being pretty controlling in some areas. My mother, bless her heart, calls it my stubbornly independent side. As a child, boy, I'd get tons of spankings and punishments from doing what I wanted to do and exactly how I wanted to do it. When I came in to the real world on my own, I quickly realized how "it's not my world" that I live in. Then came ALLL of the test and trials of life that made me seek the Lord for his will and purpose in my life.

I've submitted a query letter once and got a rejection letter. I honestly did it just to see what would happen. There's one thing I know about myself and that one thing is that I do love to grow and widely accepts constructive criticism. I know I have lots of work to do. I was sitting earlier today and thinking about things I've learned in English class and how I struggled through it. Now, how ironic is it that I love to write and can write a winning term paper like that, but, I seem to struggle with this form of descriptive fictional writing? Crazy. I'm considering a writing school to teach me some basics and I'm reading several books that are giving great tips. Part of me just wish I had someone to tell me exactly how to write this book and I'll do it just like they say. Sort of can't go that way though.

Yet and still, I hold on to Phillipians 4:13 with all of my might.

Lord, I can do this!!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow. I could have written this post about myself. Same thing. I just wanted someone to give me a formula. Some way to write a winning novel, and I'd follow it, and BAM! Everything would fall into place.

Ugh! Not like that. I've learned so much though. When I first started writing a novel I was pretty bad, but I didn't think so. I've learned so much about POV, showing vs. telling, scene structure, plot structure, outlining-- ick! All the technical stuff I never imagined fiction entailed.

But it does! I'm getting there. One thing I've realized is that this journey is definitely one step at a time. My personality likes to learn something quick and master it. Writing just isn't like that. When my first novel is published, (hopefully) 4 books later I'll look back and go, "What was I thinking?"

Seasons. :o) Just gotta appreciate where I am now and keep trucking.

I'm with ya girl! We'll get there one day.