Saturday, April 26, 2008

Prayer for New Authors!

Dear Loving, Merciful and Gracious Lord,

I come before you today with a heart of graditude. I thank you for your grace and mercy upon my life; for your tenderness and warm embrace that you consistently give to me each day. I thank you for your protection over my life and over my family and friends lives also. Father, I come before you with a burden for new writers like myself. God, this journey as a writer is a challenging one. When we do the research and write query letters and book proposals, it just seems impossible to get published. Many publishers aren't considering new authors and that can really be discouraging to us out there. I ask that you help us to remain focused on exactly what you've called us to do. Lord, we know that you've given us these writing gifts and talents because you want us to use them for your glory. And God, it doesn't matter if it inspires 100 or 1 person to come to you; all that matters is our obedience and you get the glory in that. I realize that in this world we're living in, money is a big factor with everything out there. But Lord, again, help us to remain focused and not even worry about that. God, you supply all of our needs according to your riches and glory and we depend on you and above all Thank you for supplying all of our needs. Lord, I just thank you for blessing us with the gifts and abilities that you've given us and I ask that you would help us to stay focused; to continually write our work and trust that you are in control of the rest. Lead and Guide us by your Holy Spirit and Let your will be done.

In Jesus Name! Amen!


nedras said...

Kennisha, as a writer I really appreciate this prayer, even though I'm not technically an "author" yet. You're so right about how important our words are, even if we help one soul. It's like saving one lost sheep, or finding one lost coin. God bless you in every way!


Kennisha Hill said...

Thank you very much for the comment. I just pray that God's will is done. I saw your page- you have a very nice blog. Keep about the father's business lady!

God Bless,

nedras said...

Hi, Kennisha. Thank you for the compliment. I love your blog's new look, too (the flower.) On my old blog, Ink Recitals, I used to occasionally change the looks, too, and at one point I had a sunflower , my favorite flower.

So far on my current one, More than Scribble, I haven't had the chance to change the look to something that reflects what I want to do with writing and the arts. Anywho...

About Kyla's story...: I printed chapter one out Tuesday and read it. I have a few questions, but I haven't had the chance to write them out and send them to you. I hope to send you my questions/comments within the next couple of weeks. Do you prefer that folks email them to the address in your profile, or just post them on the "There's nothing to it..." post?

Kennisha Hill said...


Thank you very much for printing and reading chapter one. I'd love to hear your comments. You can send questions and comments to my yahoo address;
That way is much easier for me to send a response directly! Thanks so much and I look forward to your comments!

Have a blessed day!