Thursday, April 17, 2008

Writing and Staying Focused.

I must admit that it has definitely been almost a month since I've written in my book. It seems like a writing break was needed. I was getting such a cloudy mind filled with worries about "what's next" and I couldn't take it anymore. I just began to pray and just seek God for direction, while getting more and more involved at the ministry at church- Praise Team ministry.

I sang my first song there with an instrumental and I was SO excited about singing. Well, it wasn't my first time singing in church- I practically grew up singing. But, it was my first time singing with my son here. Unfortunately, it ended up being so weird because he started crying just as I began to sing. Yuck! I wanted to break down. My heart started to beat so fast that I just knew I was going to pass out. While I'm singing the song I can feel myself become more tense. Although I'm sure someone was encouraged by the song, still, I know I didn't do my best because I was distracted.

Little Kellus is teething and lets just say it was a rough night for him there without Mommy holding him.

Well, I pressed on and kept singing inspite of where my heart was at the moment. I feel just as equally about this book I'm writing. I'm determined but just taking it step by step. I'm going to keep writing where I am and deal with other editing stuff after I'm finished my first manuscript. I want to at least get this done before Summer and get it ready.

I'm also about to do more extensive studying and research on book proposals. There are a few literary agents and publishing companies I have in mind. I'm just praying through this thing. In the mean time, I'm letting my creative mind carry on...

Stay tuned...

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