Saturday, May 31, 2008

A day out with hubby and no baby!

Lately my husband (Kellus) and I have been trying to "date" each other again- outside of the home that is. We tend to watch our favorite shows; I compromise and watch lots of NBA with him and he spends amazing quality time with Kellus II- he's 10 months old now. Ya'll, I hope you don't mind if I speak a bit comfortably on here tonight. It's after 11pm and I am tired as I don't know what. I just put little man in his crib a little while ago and my darling is asleep next to me on the couch- some weird movie is on A&E and I'm debating on if I have the energy to write a page or two in my book tonight. I think instead of that, I'm going to just post this and try to get some rest for church in the morning.

Anyway, please excuse my grammar and slang.

Date-Day, rather than Date-night was a huge success! My mother-in-law came over and kept an eye on Little Kellus. Although it's always hard to walk away from him when I go somewhere- even for a few hours- but this time, I felt like I was going to loose my mind if I didn't at least get a couple of hours of alone time with hubby outside of the house.

We went to see Indiana Jones. I must say, I enjoyed it! Crazy man Harrison Ford is getting too old to play these roles! But, I admire his ability to keep up with Shia LaBeouf, who by the way had me cracking up. I knew this dude was going to be funny by how hilarious I thought he was in Transformers! HA! He's going to be in an awesome movie called Eagle Eye that's coming out this September! I'm excited for this kid because he's funny!

Anyway, we went to Panera Bread first. I sat, stared in his eyes. He took a sip of his lemonade and asked the usual, "So, what's on your mind?" as if he didn't have anything to say to strike a conversation but that! I laughed, took a bite of my ham and swiss on white... and began talking about my vision for the book- AGAIN! I'm sure he's heard my I'm Confident I can do this speech about a zillion times already! But I love him for being so patient with me through this process!

After eating, we went in the theater and acted like we were dating with no kids. It was great!

This is something we are working on because we know it helps us stay sane with each other. It's easy to get caught up in a daily routine- I don't like that! But, we love each other and I thank God that my 6'5" husband for almost 3 years still loves his 5 foot wifey!

By the way, I'm still on a blog break! (Smiles)

God Bless,


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Not only does date night keep us from going insane...

it keeps us in love. Better yet, it grows a deeper love that makes these crazy years worth the struggle.

Keep dating. Keep growing, and remember that once you get past the shock and weary of all of it, there's a beautiful garden of love that has grown within the soil of your souls!


nedras said...

Kennisha, you're too funny. Enjoy your husband and your "chile." When I read your "blog break" post, I thought: Oh, man. Are all of my favorites breaking for the summer?

One thing I've noticed we have in common. It seems that it doesn't take long after I declare that I'm going to get more rest, that the Lord gives me more ideas and energy.

May the Lord bless you to continue enjoying your family, your "break," and your writing!

christa allan said...

What a lovely couple! As the mom of five who now range in age from almost 31-22, I think date-night should be required of all parents! Honestly, the best thing you can do for your child(ren) is to be the best couple you can be, and that's a tough task when you're always parenting.

I linked to you from your post on the TWV2. So glad I did!