Thursday, May 8, 2008

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Confidence in Taking Risk

Taking risk usually put most people out of their element. You toss and turn at the very idea of stepping out of your comfort zone and pressing forward into something new. On the contrary, others have absolutely no problem adjusting to change- in fact, some embrace the challenge. I've learned something interesting about myself just yesterday.

I'll give an example. I've always been a risk-taker. There was never anything too hard or anything too challenging for me. Whether it was moving away from home, traveling, meeting new people, trying new foods- I practically live ... I'm constantly teased on the fact that I can't stay the same- hair, makeup- personal style- I find that I get uncomfortable if I remain the same for too long. Well, my writing journey has certainly been a challenging one. Here's why:

Last night I went to a writers critique meeting. If you've ever been to one of these meetings, you know that we are to bring copies of any WIP (work in progress) that we have. We pass them out- someone reads it- and the other authors present critique it. Then they share what they thought of it. People are generally "nice" but, some are harsh and honest. I perfer the harsh/honest responses because they help correct my errors.

One of the things we discussed were aspirations. I sat there, fiddling with my thumbs- amazed at how many of the writers in there were so accomplished. They have written multiple books, magazine articles- heck- some are working on screen plays for various TV shows. Needless to say, I felt left behind somehow. Then I had to realize that they started off somewhere; probably in the same seat I currently sit in.

I said all of that to say that this writing adventure is certainly something new and challenging. But my question before- actually that my husband encourages me often in- is my level of confidence in this thing. I used to depend on people sooooo badly. I needed a professional to critique my work for me- an editor- agent, etc. It was burning me up. I joined the Writers Digest Book club hoping to maybe network with people. I went to meetings and got email addresses... I bugged people to death probably, trying to gain friendship in the writing industry. I've met awesome people along the way- but- still I found that my level of confidence was shaken because I doubted that what I had was Great!

Finally, when I realized I wasn't so bad and that I didn't need a pat on my shoulders to continue- my writers block broke and I had more to say. I mean, after writing over 42,000 words and 125+ pages, I'd better finish this thing

Let me just encourage whoever's reading this blog:

Don't be afraid to do something new- to step out of your element and try it. You just never know where God will take you. People end up successful by hard work and determination. Things aren't handed to you- you Must get out there and get it. Whether it's your degree, internship, job, relocating to pursue your dream, writing a book, making a cd, directing a film, dancing on broadway, singing in an opera... You Can Do It, but it's up to you to move forward, by the Will of God, and press through.

Philipians 4:13

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength

Wow, I just encouraged myself again....


nedras said...

Kennisha, thank you for all of your encouragement. You are so right about taking risks in order to move forward along God's journey for us.

You've reminded me that we're still writers, even when there's no applause, and how it's especially important to keep serving God with these gifts He's given us.

Be blessed.

Ashley Weis said...

I'm so glad to read this post. Just to know you are encouraged and pressing forward!

Rhonda McKnight said...

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