Monday, May 5, 2008


I believe we all have a very unique voice; a unique way of speech- a certain language that lies within that delivers our thoughts- mind and heart. My voice? Well, it is certainly one of a kind.

My voice is soft! Like the small waves slowly pushing against the Atlantic and the melodic flute in Beethoven's Symphony. My voice isn't harsh; but is firm and can stand it's ground like the Queen Bee protecting her nest.

My voice can be raw and blunt. At times I must hold back my tongue or it'll speak on its own without much thought or consideration. The Lord has delivered me and my voice is used to uplift, encourage and edify in the Gospel.

But what do I like to talk about? I mean, we all know that we have a tendency to "run off at the mouth" so we say. That's actually true. But, is there meaning to what we are really saying? Do people really understand us?

I find that I am most interested in talking about Life, Love, Relationships and the Lord. Life: Trials and How to Overcome Them. Love, Relationships: Love between husbands and wives, Romance and godly love. Lord: Everything about God's awesomeness and Godly Living!

Now, the question is whether or not I can deliver my voice through my writings in a way to really get the reader to hear what I'm saying- wait not just hear, but FEEL what I'm saying.

I try my hardest to do so, but to do it in such a way that the point of the message is always reached.

My prayer is, Lord please touch my heart, mind and voice so that my audience can hear the message that you give me to speak/write.

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