Thursday, June 5, 2008

Have you seen the light?

April began wiping her brow, as she walked through the sticky-humid forrest to meet with Jason. They were going on a pinic. For whatever unknown reasons, he couldn't go "with" her, so he gave her a map of instructions on how to find the pinic. She walked; through the woods, through bushes and swatting flies. "This is not romantic!" she declared. Continuing on through through the humidity and with hopes of finding a beautiful table prepared with candles lit and a red checkered blanket, April perservered. Suddenly, she came upon a tunnel. What's this I see? she asks to herself. It was pitch-black inside. Should I walk down this tunnel, is this where I'd find Jason? With no other way to go, aside from falling into a stream, she asked God if she should go on or not. "Lord, what should I do?" April looked up and saw beautiful red, orange and green leaves wisk past her and into the direction of the tunnel- as if they were whispering "follow me". Fearful, she walked in. The further she walked in the tunnel, the more she could see a light at the end. She cautiously took more footsteps and saw more light. More footsteps; more light. Finally, in the middle of the tunnel, she turned to look behind her and saw it was dark. Afraid, she stopped and dropped to her knees to pray. "Lord, why in the world am I in this tunnel?" she cried. "It's so dark in here and I have no idea what's on the other side of this tunnel." A voice whispered, "Because I told you to. Trust me April." She trembled at the whisper and kept moving. She decided not to look backwards anymore but to only look forward hoping her love, Jason, was there. This tunnel felt like an 12 mile distance. Finally, there was more light. She made it to the end of the tunnel! "Where is Jason?" she thought. She looked to her left and saw that there he was- as she hoped- waiting at a beautiful picnic table with a dozen of roses, the red checkered blanket and a beautiful candlelit dinner waiting. "Why did you make me walk through that tunnel" she asks. "Because I knew that you'd find me- no matter what you had to do to get through- I knew you'd perservere."

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