Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Motivation for Prayer Request

On Tricia Goyer's My Writing Mentor blog, she wrote an awesome post about Debbie Mcomber, who had an excellent interview on CNN about her new book- where she discusses "20 Wishes". You can visit Tricia's blog here. If I can just piggy back on what Tricia asked her fellow posters, "What are your top 20 Wishes?" In our world, our 20 wishes end up turning into top 20 prayer request...which brings me to my topic at hand, "Motivation for Prayer Request".

In a fancy sort of way, this is confirmation to me about something the Lord has asked me to do. Distractions got the best of me and I didn't get to it. I've been wanting to have a prayer journal for EVER! A place where I can list my prayer request along with the prayers of friends and family and strangers in the world who I don't really know.

I am certainly a woman of Prayer- constant communication with the Lord and I believe he hears our cries and answers our prayers; according to his Will. So, what are your top 20 wishes (prayer request?) I'll gladly list mines:

20) To get published
19) For my son's continued healthy growth and development
18) For my husbands health, strength and endurance
17) That the Lord would bless my husband with a better higher paying job
16) That I learn to take better care of my body
15) For Rest
14) That God makes a way for my parents to move from New Orleans to DFW, TX
13) For my little sister and her soon to be husband and baby- growth, maturity and stability
12) For my husband's family; awesome Summer Vacation in California
11) That God would help me make the best decisions concerning my future
10) That this book I'm writing, and those to come, would encourage, inspire and motivate people to lean on the Lord Jesus Christ in ALL things
9) For my church home- that the Lord would show us our new building
8) For the young married couples in my surroundings- peace, love, and togetherness in Christ
7) For my brother's family- that God would bless them financially and continue to bring peace in their home
6) For my distant family- peace and unity
5) That I find an Editor that I can afford who I can build a great working relationship with
4) That the Lord would continue to lead and guide my family in all things
3) That my little one can get rest ALL NIGHT
2) For my fellow writers- encouragement, motivation and strength through their writing endeavors
1) For a closer and more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ!


Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Kennisha -

I often see your comments on various blogs and TWV2 and decided to visit. Your blog looks terrific, and I enjoyed this post.

Hope you'll take a moment to visit me at susanjreinhardt.blogspot.com.


P.S. Did Tekeme do your blog? They
designed mine. They're

Tricia Goyer said...

Yeah, I'm so glad my 20 Wishes inspired you! May God grant every one!

Kennisha said...


Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Your welcome to peek in anytime and leave a comment! I'll definitely visit your blog!

Blessings to you,

P.S., Tekeme didn't design this particular blog. I am certainly considering them when I'm ready to change it up a bit. Yes, they do a wonderful job. Ashley and her husband are quite talented!

Kennisha said...

Thank you Tricia!