Thursday, July 31, 2008


Dear Faithful Bloggers,

A friend of mines, Ashley Weis, is hosting a contest on her blog. Her and her husband have a phenomonal web design company called Tekeme Studios. On their blog, they are holding a Design Grab Bag contest. Here's the info! It's certainly worth checking out!

How to Play
Leave a comment on this blog with your e-mail address and a number between 1 and 20. Check our blog when the contest ends (August 4, 08) and find out which prize matches your number. The items below will be listed as prizes, but we will assign each one a random number and the following numbers will be "Sorry, Not A Winner." So, if you happen to choose the number we selected for any of the 5 design packages, you win!

PS- Post a blog about this contest on your blog, e-mail us to let us know, and choose an additional number for every post you write.

Free Blog Design
Free Pro Blog Design
Free Business Card Design
Free Logo Design
Free Postcard Design
Sorry, Not A Winner

Contest Rules
Leave a comment on this blog. Make sure you LEAVE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS and a number 1-20, otherwise you will not be entered.

Because this contest could have a lot of winners each winner may receive a design completion date of one month or more from the end date of the contest.

Winners will be chosen on August 4, 2008.


They have done spectacular work on a few blogs I've seen. Definitely check out their blog at .


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