Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One Subject, 100+ Personal Teachers!

I am so excited I can jump up and do my shouting dance! I'm over 61,000 words, as of today, and expect to complete my first manuscript this week! This has been such a tedious yet fun journey; book writing that is. Yet, I know this is only the VERY beginning of my journey. I'm not stopping here- I will certainly move forward, learn as much as I can and get this baby published!

A Blessing in Disguise
This is a brief testimony of how I believe God may have put me where I am to finish this manscript. I'm currently working a full time temporary assignment for an Internet Network Experts company that does technical contracting work for large companies world-wide. I am the receptionist. You would think I'd be super busy with phones ringing off the hook, but, I'm not. After I handle my responsibilities of the morning, the next 7.5 hours are quiet. And you know what that means? Writing time!!! So, since I've been here, I've written at least 10,000 words- in the matter of 3 weeks. I mean, I'm sitting up here with uninterrupted time to focus. I'm thinking, "Lord, did you sit me right here so I can finish this book?" It's not that I'm rebelling against office policy or anything like that. It's just truly a blessing to be able to sit still and have so much time to write and organize my thoughts. Usually, I'm at home with my son (he's 11 months) and I have NO TIME in the day to get it done. I'm so grateful and am steadily praying all the way through this journey... amen

Speaking of Journey...

Have any of you writers out there felt like you were in college again, except, you don't have a physical class room to get to and a human teacher to instruct you and challenge you? "I sholl do", Kennisha says with southern slang, as she raises her hand high for acknowledgement. It is amazing to me how I literally feel like I'm in English class. I mean, I'm working on grammar, punctuation, dialogue, narrative voice... the list goes on. The cool thing about all of this is that I am SO eager to learn more. I love to learn as much information about passionate subjects of mines- until I perfect it! I know we strive for perfection, but I've always believed that God wants us to do our best for Him. Being that my purpose is so he can get the glory out of what I do anyway, I'd better be careful at how I submit it to him.

I'm reminded...

of how the High Priest would submit offerings to God. Their offerings had to be exactly how the Lord said for it to be; perfect. Without spot of blemish. And, if it was not right, it was not acceptable. I believe that today the same applies. With the gifts the Lord has given us, we are to submit our very best to him. If it requires writing at 2am and being rejected 100 times before our books are published, or saving money to get it self-published and presenting it professional and orderly, then we have to do it right; by any means. God is a holy and sovereign God and my desire is to submit my life to him in every aspect so he can get the glory.

Enough Preachin...

Not really. But, I do pray that your journey as writers is as fulfilling as mines. Even though it's frustrating- if we can perservere through, the end results are remarkable!

I'm just too excited that I can't believe it took almost 8 months for me to write this thing... yikes!


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The Gospel Writer said...

Hey -
God is awesome! I wrote my first book at temp assignment! God will give you time for His purpose - He always does. Keep writing, can't wait to see it on the shelves!!