Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gas, Sonic and God's Grace

What does Gas, Sonic and God's grace have in common? A powerful testimony!

I didn't panic until after the situation was over. I stood up in the shower and just cried like a baby- relieved that it was over. I never imagined being in that situation with my son. God's love was demonstrated in such a powerful way- all I can think to say is, "Thank You Jesus".

After an fun-filled time at North East Mall with my sister in law and family, baby Kellus and I were on the road home when my car ran out of gas. I was driving in the left lane, so I was forced to pull over on the left side of the highway. Cars were flying. Kellus was wide awake and all I could think to say was, "No, No, No!" as I beat the steering wheel. I was reminded at how my husband encouraged me to get gas before I left to meet them at the mall. "I should of listened" I thought.

To make matters worst, I had no cell phone on me and I was stuck in an area where I couldn't walk. Being on the left side of the highway- it was clear that I wasn't going to cross over the interstate. That's too dangerous.

My first instincts isn't to panic. I prayed first for God's grace. I was then reminded of God's grace because prior to my car stopping, I was listening to Fred Hammond's song, Lord Your Grace on his Free to Worship album. That's my favorite song. Indeed I needed God's grace on this situation.

My second thought was to get out of the car. It was in the upper 90s at the time and with no air it the car, there was no way we would survive sitting in a hot car...even with all of the windows down. So, I took Kellus out of his car seat, got his cup of water and his cap, and stood outside. All I could do was pray and wait for a miracle.

Ten minutes passed by and I began to grow weary. I continued to pray. The sun intensely beat down on us. Thank God my son had his cap on. He laid his head on my shoulders and I continued to pace back and forth. We were the cause of traffic. People drove by slowly to stare at us, as if they were curious to see why a woman and a baby were stranded. Finally, a man stopped.

"Ma'am, are you ok? Can I help you?" he says.
"Thanks so much for stopping sir. My car ran out of gas."
"Well, I can take you and your little man to a gas station or a grocery store."
"I just need to use a cell to call my brother who doesn't live far away." I said, knowing I wasn't getting in the car with him. I don't trust people that much- especially with my son.

He reached in his pocket and grabbed his cell. I called my brother and he assured me he is on the way. thank God! Now, all I had to do was wait.

Traffic continued to build and he really encouraged me to come with him. I declined but said thanks. Meanwhile, another car stopped. Three cars stopped in total. All offering to get me and my son out of the heat. All I could think of was watching the news and seeing "Good Samaritans" stopping to helping people- but really being Serial Killers or Rapist. No Indeed, I thought.

A police officer stopped and signaled to me that he was coming. After he came by, another car stopped. This time, a very pregnant lady got out her car and came over with a Super sized Sonic drink in her hand. My heart melted with thanks. She said they saw us as they were coming in the opposite direction and thought to stop and get us something to drink. I wanted to give her a hug. I smiled and said thanks and she said hello to my son, "Hello little man, you're so gorgeous". I knew she was God-sent. She drove off and I thanked God for his grace. We had been waiting for about 30 minutes.

The cop offered to let us wait in the back of his car. I said yes and finally my baby had some cold air. I thanked God for his grace.

My little one became fussy- wanting to nurse, so I told the officer I need to get back to my car to nurse him. And then, my brother pulled up with a gas can!

Friends and family,

God's grace leaves me speechless- yet with a heart of graditude all day long. This was the scariest situation I had ever been in with my son. I should of listened to my husband and got gas. But, even in the midst of my foolishness, God showed up and performed a miracle. And he confirmed it was him, but sending that sweet woman to give us something to drink. I pray that God would bless this woman beyond belief for her kind heart in helping us out there and for the gentleman who let me use his cell phone.

Thank the Lord for his grace.

Chorus to Lord Your Grace by Fred Hammond

Lord, Your Grace
Covering me like a soft summer shower
Raining down on me
Goodness and Mercy
Loving me daily
Forgiving me Freely

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elaine @ peace for the journey said...

What a scary/incredible story of God's provision. I've often wondered what I would do in situations like this. Take the cell with you next time, please...

As I was reading, I was right there with you on that highway. You have a way of drawing this reader in.