Friday, August 1, 2008

Impromptu Evangelism

2Timothy 4:2
Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction.

Have you ever been in a situation where you planned the best evening; the romantic dinner with your husband? Loads of fun with your children? Vacations or simply quiet time? But, you were suddenly approached with an opportunity to minister to someone else? Maybe, you thought you weren't prepared for it and thought it was strange that you really such a sudden phone call- completely out of the blue- and you don't feel you're in the best mindstate to share the gospel. What else can I say but, Welcome to Christianity!

I've learned so far in my journey as a believer and follower of Jesus Christ that when you pray for God to use you- you know, the anthem song, "I Surrendor All", well, God takes that very seriously when you say it from your heart. When you do, God literally almost lines people up who specifically need to talk to you. Don't worry about being perpared, if you allow the Holy Spirit to speak through you, God's message will be delivered to them.

Mary DeMuth has a very encouraging post on her blog; about how we aren't here for ourselves. You can read her blog here. Well, that is certainly the truth. I think I learned this lesson while in High School. They called me Rev. Thornton back then. I was never religous, but I guess I stood out because of my beliefs and standard of living. Thank God for godly parents. I had students approach me often during the less busy classes about God- they had all sorts of questions. I started bringing a small bible with me. I knew I didn't have all the answers at 16 years old. Nonetheless, I tried to answer them as kindly as possible, even though some mocked me for my faith- others feared me thinking I had a divine connection with God and that he'd strike them down if they touched me.

This made me aware that you never know who you'll come across or who will need you. We are not here for ourselves, but rather to be a service to others; and more importantly, to share the gospel with them.

My husband did a very nobel thing last night. He's a very friendly person. When you first meet him, he may seen a little shy, but generally after the first conversation, he warms up to people pretty well. Well, I had a nice dinner going, the baby was fed and ready to play, and we were about to watch National Treasure Part 2. I was in the room to check my email quickly and I suddenly heard Kellus on the phone, "Hey man, what's up? It's Kellus.. I got your number for my mom.." Immediately I knew who he was on the phone with. I was happy that he got in touch with him. It's been quite a while since we heard from them and it was time we reached out to them to make sure they were doing well.

They talked for a while. Typically, I know when husband is having a 'preaching' moment. He grabs his bible and then he's off. That's my que to get the baby and get somewhere quietly so we don't disturb him. This went on for about a hour or so. Then, I hear, "I don't mind coming to get you" and my mouth drops. I sigh and my shoulders shrug an "all- man" inwardly, hoping he wouldn't hear my reaction. After he hung up the phone, I walked in the room and he makes me aware that he has to pick him up from work and then he's coming over here. By this time, it's after 8pm, which means he'll be here after 9pm, which means, I have no idea how long he's going to stay here.

Honestly, I got frustrated, but I had to repent. I was frustrated because I was hoping to have a nice relaxing night with my family and we were interrupted for him to reach out- that opportunity I mentioned before. "Lord, here? NOW?" I thought. All I could do is get the baby in the tub for a bath and stay in his room to play. Clearly, I was not in the mood for company. I looked very "homely". I was comfortable. My hair was tied up, no make up on,I was in partial work clothes and a tshirt, I looked like a bum- someone who was very comfortable in her home and ready to relax. And, to make matters worst, my throat was irritating me and I was starting to feel bad again.

Needless to say, they came after 9pm, like I thought, and I stayed in Jr's room after giving him his bath. I walked in to get Jr some milk and saw the television off and Kellus holding his bible in his hand and ministering to him. I then felt a sudden wave of conviction. It was as if God was showing me what his plan was and how I was being selfish. I had to repent. I felt awful. Then, I smiled and was thankful that God blessed me with a man who gives of himself whenever the Lord is ready to use him; in and out of season- when we're ready and when it's sudden.

Lord, I don't always make the best decisions and sometimes I am very selfish with the ones I make. Please forgive me for not properly adhering to the call. Your words says we should be perpared in season and out of season to preach the word and to encouage one another. I desperately need to learn how to be ready. Please show me the way and guide me as I continue walking up this path. Thank you Lord for your saving grace and your abundant love for me. Help me, as I strive to be the vessel to be used for your glory.

In Jesus Name,



lynnmosher said...

Kennisha, I'm new to TWV2 and have just discovered your blog. I love it. And I absolutely love your bookshelf. I've just started a new blog and have a spot for suggested books, but one at a time. I wish the bookshelf would look right on my blog. It's great!

I love this devotional. We could all use reminders that life is all about God's will and glory and the benefit of others. Be blessed in all your efforts to serve the Lord.


Kennisha Hill said...

Lynn, welcome to TWV2. Thank you so much for your comment.God is good! You have a very nice blog yourself. I'll definitely read it often and comment!

Prayers and Blessings,