Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Little Quieter, A Little Wiser...

If you spoke with my fellow high school alumni, they'd probably tell you I was often quiet. Although I had my brief moments of insanity, still, most of the time I sat still observing everyone else set their stage. But, what am I observing? I always paid attention- at least, my mom argues that I paid attention to what I wanted to pay attention too. I can see her wide eyes and her pointer finger, signifying a punishment is about to be given. Usually, if I'm not saying much, my mind is racing faster than I can keep up. I thought I'd blog a little about what's on my mind.

Today, "Awakened" my first novel weighs heavy on my mind. I'm steadily editing and polishing it up to be reviewed by agents/publishers. While that's going on, I'm reading various books.

I seem to learn better by example, so I'm currently reading "A Sin and A Shame" by Victoria Christopher Murray. One word: Phenomonal! The main character in this book, Jasmine, is strickingly similar to my main character, Kyla. It's refreshing to see her character come to life. She's smart yet devious and a very manipulative woman with a plan. I'm not through with this book yet, but I guarantee I'll be impressed with the end results. Victoria is a very talented writer. I'm engaged. I'm hoping my audience recieves the same feelings that I get from reading this book. This is a really great read. I'm anxious to finish and get started with another one of her books. You can view Victoria's website here.

I went to my Dallas Christian Writers Guild meeting Monday and was very delighted to hear reviews of my first chapter. I was nervous; considering how many times I changed it- including from Past Tense to First Person. I seem to be more comfortable writing that way. This gives me a deeper level of intimacy with my readers and a chance to really convey emotion. Two comments in particular I really appreciated. They loved how I'm relating to women and how we think and what most of us go through when it comes to men and our emotions. I was pleased and could sense some vulnerablity that enticed them to want to read more. This especially made me feel great because I know this isn't your typical Chick-Lit. I'm anxious to get the message out, but pray everyone is encouraged in the Lord.

Soon, I'll be ready to query a few agents and really try to get this ball rolling. I have high hopes, yet I sit in peace that God has full control over what's destined for this book. I'm hoping it blesses someone out there.

Pray for me as I continue on this journey to publication!


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The Gospel Writer said...

I totally feel where you're coming from - I learn by example as well. I am also reading A Sin and A Shame. Jasmine is a mess! LOL. Many blessings - I'm sure to see your book on the shelves!