Friday, August 8, 2008

Turning into your characters?

My best friend of over 20 years warned me about insanely turning into one of my characters in my novel. I laugh historically, as she reminded me of the movie we watched together, The Secret Window, starring Johnny Depp. Really, I laughed so hard when I thought about how insane he had become in his movie. Which, led me to write this blog.

I find it interesting that the main character in my book, Kyla, is a hard, selfish and evil woman- in the beginning that is. Am I hard, selfish and evil? Clearly not, maybe selfish at times (Lord help me!) but, when I'm writing/editing certain parts, I find it hard not to slip into character- thus becoming more edgy and impatient with some things. Once my husband told me, "I can tell you're into your book". Once again, I was cracking up at the thought of becoming Kyla at times.

Fiction writers, have you ever felt like this picture to the right? I know I do. There are times I lay in bed, or drive in complete silence thinking about my character- what her moods are and how can I express them clear enough for the readers to feel her stinky attitude. I was SO excited when one of the fellow writers in my critique group described my character and how he liked how easy it is to see her. I LOVED that. That's exactly what I'm trying to deliver; something easy that my readers can feel.

One thing I have to remind myself is that I am not Kyla. Although she is clearly similar to my past life, still, I have been redeemed, delivered and set free from the bondage she currently goes through- at least in the first few chapters! Will she be redeemed and delivered? Well, you'll have to get the book to find out!

This picture to the left is hilarious. No words need to be said.


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elaine @ peace for the journey said...

While reading this, I couldn't help but think about the character Who is the center of my writing and hoping that, indeed, I change to be more like him.

I know absolutely nothing about fiction writing and stand in awe of those of you who write it!

What I find most exciting is how the two worlds (non-fiction, fiction) weave together. We all hold a passion in our hearts for the pen, and I am fascinated by the process of bringing that passion to the paper.

God bless you in all your writing and weaving of words. I'm excited for your "journey to publication" and also for your journey in life.

As always,
peace for the journey...