Sunday, September 7, 2008

BearHugs: A Ministry Indeed

Hugging is a ministry. I'm not talking about a quick one arm hug- but a real tender embrace. This is a serious ministry and gift that seems like few possess.

A hug, in my eyes, means compassion. It means love, tenderness, affection and simply "I care". Again, not speaking of sensual hugs from your spouse. But, a warmth embrace accompanied by the Holy Spirit- one that brings shivers and a warm sensation down your spine. One that brings conviction. One that brings a loving affection that speaks to your heart, without a word being said. One that brings you to tears. This is a ministry and a gift.

Saturday we had our monthly women's fellowship meeting. It was absolutely wonderful to see women share and just to be in the presence of women as we collectively seek God for guidance.

Before we began, the Pastor's wife asked, "Before we start, let me just ask- does anyone need a hug?"

Like an elementary school student who's anxious about the answer to a question she's sure of, I raised my hand- quickly and said, "I Do!"

She stood up, and so did I. We met together and she gave me a hug that spoke to my soul. I wept as she embraced me. She held me tight and as she slowly swayed from side to side with me in her arms, I felt such a release spiritually. It was one of those grandmama hugs that can bring you to your knees. I needed such a hug and she ministered to me.

This is my prayer. That the Lord would use me- in every are of my life. Even if it's just to give a hug to someone who needs love shown to them- who needs healing by means of a hug that's given by the Holy Spirit. I need God's hug and though physically I can't give him a hug, I know spiritually though my obedience and intimacy with him, I can. God's love for us is so amazing at how he shows it in such small yet big ways. Thank you Lord!



elaine @ peace for the journey said...

You gave me a hug today through your words. Thank you, friend.

I've not always been comfortable with hugs...with touch for that matter, so "hugs" that come to me through other means (i.e. words and prayers) go a long way toward meeting my needs for intimacy.


Kennisha Hill said...

I feel the same way Elaine. I wasn't much of a touchy-feely person either. I had to learn how to accept my husband's affection! Another blog on its own!

Blessings to you,