Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Still Writing- Extra Blogging

It's almost a small struggle to adhere to my writing goals. Time hasn't allowed me to blog as much as I used to. My apologizes. Lots, however, often do run through my mind that I pray about whether I should write about it.

There is another blog that's been keeping me busy also. I have a women's devotional blog. If you have a moment, visit there and leave a message. These are things the Lord has shown me. I'll have guest writers who'll post from time to time. The address is . I hope it encourages and blesses you!

I've also been working hard on the newsletter for church. It's coming along very well. I hope to present it to Pastor Hill on Saturday!

Lastly, I've been busy with writing magazine articles that I'd like to submit to various mags and continuing to make sure my manuscript is polished enough to submit for review to a couple publishing houses I have in mind. I'm praying for God's wisdom.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and I pray the Lord would full you with the fruits of his precious Holy Spirit!

In Christ,


When I think of Hurricanes, I think of...

God's Power
God's Hand of Wrath
God's Judgement
God's Love
God's Soverienty
God's Grace
God's Warning
God's Shield of Protection


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Blogging has exhausted me as of late. I've got to do some restructuring of my time and energies to gain a little balance.

Our church adopted a Katrina family, relocated them here, and they are doing great! They're so glad to be here, but dearly miss their roots back home in New Orleans.

How's the progress on the book tweaking?

Thanks for your comments on my post. God is busy with our lives, even when we can't see him in the midst of our storms. His "eye" is always on us.


Susan said...

Hi Kennisha,

I found your blog as I was reading Elaine's post today.

I'm from New Orleans too! Born and raised. I moved to the Northshore many years ago, but still have family and friends in New Orleans.

I'm now in Baton Rouge. I thought we'd avoid any hurricane stuff up here! I think Gustav followed us here.

So nice to meet you! I'll be back.

Your blog is so nice!!