Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Losing Modesty: When is it ok? Part One.

I also want women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or expensive clothes, but with good deeds, appropriate for women who profess to worship God. (NIV, 1 Timothy 2:9-10)

I read an interesting review a couple days ago. There, very popular Christian artist were interviewed about their upcoming album. There appearance has completely changed- from their makeup to how much cleavage they show. In the interview when asked about their new style, their answer explained how much they grew as women. That's fine. But, when you look at their pictures and compare them to past photo ops, you'll notice a significant change; more of a sex appeal.

Now, I absolutely love their music. I've been a supporter since the beginning and more then likely I'll get their new album, but what I can't seem to understand is when did it become ok to start showing more skin; to portrait a sexy appeal?

I know this is not the typical sweet-sounding post and it might shake a few feathers, but I believe as Christian women this is something we need to discuss- Our Appearance! If no one is going to talk about it at church, rest assured, I'll keep it real and talk about it here.

Following today's fashion trends will either put you in two places. 1) A place of massive sex appeal or 2) A Place of Extreme sex appeal.

Either what you're wearing is too tight, too high cut, too loose or it shows too much of your twin sisters.

What type of signals are we giving to our men? More specifically, what types of signals are we giving to men who are trying to live right? And seriously, what type of influence are we for our young women?

They learn from us (or someone). We teach them (or, are supposed to). Sadly, some of them are already victim to the lies and deceit from the world. They teach them to be sexy. They want them to be alluring. They want them to look seductive. Who's setting the standard for holiness?

We live in such a sex-driven society. Yet, we wonder why we already hear of rapes and murders. We wonder why they are encouraging our daughters to take the Gardisel for HPV prevention. We wonder why many of our daughters have sexually transmitted diseases or have babies out of wedlock.

Where does it all begin?

Is it as simple as dress? I think it is.

Men are visionaries. They can't help but be drawn by what they see. Now, as a disclaimer, unfortunately, things happen to women who don't ask for it in their dress. It's a sad reality that we live in. But, we're talking about dress here, so we'll stick to the subject.

In my younger years, I used to wonder how I could look cute and still be saved. I even considered my own Modest Apparel clothing line. The truth is, it's just a difficult thing to find these days.

Question: Do I have to dress like this?

Clearly, the answer is NO. You do have have to dress like you're entering a retirement home. You can dress appropriately and fashionable without drawing unwanted attention to yourself.

I wear a size four. As slim as I am, you'd think my jeans wouldn't be as tight because a little person like me could use the extra room. But as I shop, I'm often presented with a problem.

This is how my jeans can fit at times. Now, a regular boot-cut pair of jeans, is great. Express has awesome jeans. But, the problem is that they can hug my kaboose a little too much.

As a Godly woman who wants to be represent Christ well, even in my style of clothing, what is an alternative?

I'm thinking, I can get away with the jeans, if I wear a shirt that covers my backside. That way, I can still wear the jeans I like and not bring so much attention to myself.

And ladies, if you were blessed with a little extra baggage back there, no worries. You can still cover up- and look cute!

It's about common sense ladies. Maybe some women don't know and were never raised to learn how to dress modestly in public. Our lifestyle should represent Christ in all that we do, say and wear. The world should see us and see someone different.

Do you see the similarities between those pictures up above? I don't see much of a difference.

This isn't to say that Mary Mary never dressed modestly. I have seen pictures where they do cover up, and they look wonderful that way.

But, to answer my own question, I'll say- it's never ok to lose modesty. We should always dress like godly women.

During part two, I'll list clothing lines from various stores that offer options for looking cute and fashionable, without adhereing to the world's 'sexy' standard!

Stay Tuned!



quietspirit said...

Hi there,
I am a senior citizen. I can't find clothes in a certain popular store that are for my age group, my size,and meet my guidelines for what I need to wear. So,I have gone to a few second hand stores and found what I can use.

LynnSC said...

Amen! Sister!!

I am so shocked at times when I see what other christians are wearing. After reading your post, I did a quick google search of Mary Mary... whoa! what they were wearing on their website looked like anyone else in the WORLD. We were called to be different than the world. I agree with you.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Wonderful thoughts, Kennisha. A size 4? Oh bother...if I were your size, I might reconsider my appeal, but quite frankly, my size ? often creates an opposite desire in me...

to hide.

I'm with you on everything you said here! Preach it; we are teaching the next generation "to seduce" through appearance. It's not OK, and lest we think our men aren't looking, we'd better wake up.

I'm raising 3 boys (actually one's pretty much there at 19) and I want them to respect women. I also have a daughter who is 6 and I am very vigilant about the stuff she watches and the way she dresses. You wouldn't believe the stuff they make for little girls.

Oh bother...don't get me going.

Size 4? I'm still stuck on that one.