Monday, October 13, 2008

Superwoman- Who is she?

Oh! To be superhuman! Our fraile human bodies crash and burn out so quickly. It's no wonder God commanded us to have a day of rest. And really, we need it.

Superwoman (or Supergirl) obviously is a made-up character who supposedly has super powers. I'm sure she can move cars with one pinky finger and move bridges with the other. If God were to really give us Superpowers, how would we use them?

I don't know about moving cars- maybe only for traffic- but I'd probably turn into an octapus so I can use my extended arms to do many things at once. Yeah, sounds funny, but I'm serious.

Have you ever had so much you wanted to do but couldn't get to it all? Sure time management is key, but most days you just don't have enough time in the day to do it all. When do we rest?

When I think about my day, most times I'm amazed that I even have time to keep up with a blog, write magazine articles and research. Are there really only 24 hours in a day?

This post will be short, yet, to the point.

At times I feel like I've had family and work overload. Since I am a stay-at-home mommy, sometimes I honestly feel like I have baby-overload. What do I do to stay in a peace of mind? Pray and take every chance I get to escape. And my escape is several places...

WalMart, the mall, Barnes and Nobels, McDonalds or just standing outside of my balcony to catch a breeze. I escape.

If you don't escape, you'll wear yourself thin. I've done that quite enough times in my single days when I was out hanging- although my life is lived under a new umbrella tree, still I have to calm down and rest at times. My good friend Faith Elaine has an awesome post on her blog about Rest. You can view it here.

I've decided to make some adjustments to how much time I spend online and writing. My darling husband ( and I love him dearly!) expressed his concern for my time spent writing. And he is right. Balance is a word I can use loosely at times, but is the word I should embrace and activate. I'm excited about my journey as a writer. However, I do know that I need to slow down and take things step by step. I can't just do it all in a day. So, I'm creating a schedule and will pray for God's guidance in helping me stick to it. I'll blog, just not every day! If I was Superwoman, I'd be able to do it all. But no super powers lie in this body of mines. This is just a body that needs REST!

So today I ask you, what do you do to rest? How do you escape? Or, are you Superwoman? If you are, I'd love to meet you!!!!

Enjoy your week in the Lord!


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