Saturday, November 29, 2008

Angels: We Should Thank God for Them

My best friend called me last week with some terrible news. She and her husband were in a car accident. They just dropped their boys off to daycare and was on their way to work when a car ran a red light and ran right into them. Thankfully, they are feeling well, with the exception of minor aches. Their car is totaled. But, as always, the Lord is working things out for them to get a new one.

When she described the accident to me, she expressed how she believes the Lord sent an angel to soften their hit. Their air bags did not disburse. As she continued, I got a visual of the angel doing exactly what she described. I believe that to be very true!

When I was a child, my mother often explained to how angels are real and how God does send them to protect us. She made sure to go into detail about their existence. "Be careful who you entertain; you just might be entertaining angels", she explained while paraphrasing the scripture Hebrews 13:2.

It's such an incredible display of God's love for us. For God to think to send angels to protect us while we are in times of trouble, that's so amazing to me.

Here's a short outline about the purpose of angels.
This information was taken from an online article called ANGELS written by Diane Dew.
To View the article in it's entirety, please CLICK HERE.

A) Angels were created for Worship to God.
B) Angels were created for ministry to man (the elect)
C) Angels minister to the physical needs of God's people
D) Angels can impart physical strength to man in his time of need
E) Angels serve as a supernatural means of communication between God and man.
F) God uses angels to execute His judgment on the unrighteous

If you view the article, you'll find the scripture references for each point.

Every night I pray and thank God for his angels that protect my family and I through the day. There have been so many "close calls" that I've been in. I've almost drowned. I've been in car accidents. I'm sure we all have our testimonies of how God was a shield of protection over us. I believe with all of my heart that God does send these supernatural beings to keep us.

There's one other thing my mom made clear to explain. We don't worship angels. We thank God for them. But we don't bow to them. We worship God and we thank Him for using them in our lives. This is just another display of God's unfailing love for his children. Let's give Him thanks!

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quietspirit said...

Last January, my husband had a small accident, he stepped off a curb,his leg going under him. He broke his right ankle. A woman driving on our street stopped, got him into her van with the help of our neighbor, took him to the hospital. We don't know her name, we called her an angel.