Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Beloved is Mine

Song of Solomon 2:16 "My beloved is mine, and I am his: he feeds among the lilies."

God is teaching me how to appreciate my husband. I'm still learning. It's so easy to dwell on little things that can be frustrating, but I want to take a minute to dwell on the sweet things that touch my heart.

I had a very rough day on yesterday. Morning sickness seems to be an almost certainty for me whenever I'm pregnant. The past few weeks have been very tough. And, the challenge is entertaining and spending quality time with my family. I love my family so much. We have an incredible bond with our son and I love to play with him and teach him. Well, my energy level has been so low. And at times I feel bad that I can't do as much as I'd like.

Well, my husband came home from work and immediately took over. He cleaned, cooked and spent time with our son.I had a chance to lay down and rest. I was amazed at how thoughtful he was last night. I wasn't completely surprised- but he really did it all.

We had a funny moment though. I was laying on the couch and about to watch Dancing with the Stars when he announced Dinner is ready. "Ok honey" I responded. After two minutes later, he walked over and says, "Oh, I forgot- although I announced dinner is ready, I know I'm going to serve you anyway." We both laughed hysterically!

He wasn't trying to be smart, he was just cracking a funny. I love this sense of humor- even though I hear a lame one every once in a while! (Haha). We have lots of fun in my house.

But he then brought my food and everything. It was so good and very filling. He's a pretty good cook too!

I said all of that to say that it's so easy to forget to say thanks for the things our men really try to do for us. They aren't perfect. But effort should always be appreciated.

God is teaching us how to serve each other. My husband is doing precisely what God commanded men to do: Love their wives the way Christ loves the church. (Ephesians 5:25-30)

It's about showing that incredible love towards each other. It's about knowing that you two belong to each other.

I know that my husband cares about me in every area of my life. To see him activate it makes me love him more.

I just want to encourage you with this today. Our husbands are not perfect and neither are we. But, they do their best and we have to make sure we show our appreciate to them for what they do. Although commanded, still, it's remarkable when they put to action their feelings for us. Let's do the same for them!

I pray this has encouraged and blessed you today.


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lynnmosher said...

Hey, sweetie! Great post! So sweet and loving. One thing I have learned in 42 years of marriage (well I hope I've learned more than one!), that no matter what, I praise the Lord for my husband. It changes my attitude and reactions. Blessings to you...Lynn