Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Day, New Leader, New President!

1I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone— 2for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. (1 Timothy 2:1-2)

People cried. They balled like babies when the announcement was made by Charlie Gibson, "Barrack Obama has won the state of California and he is now the President-Elect of the United States of America."

My cell rang, instantly. It was my mom. She was so excited. The first thing that she said after I said hello was, "We have a black President."

I could sense her excitement- the thrill of the idea of having a black President. I imagine her and my dad dancing around the living room in joy. I'm sure like many of her generation, they never thought they would see the day. They lived through a time when racism ran the country and they had limitations everywhere. I wish my grandfather was here to see this day.

Because of history, I know this is incredible. But in my personal opinion, I was always hopeful and never doubted such a thing to happen.

Why? Well, my generation of the 80s is the known for starting the technology movement. Film took off and lots of movies were made- military/government movies- that even had black Oscar winning actors play the role of the President.

Now, hear what I'm saying. I grew up seeing Morgan Freeman play the President of the United States in the movied "Deep Impact". I saw Dennis Haysbert in television's "24" and then there was James Earl Jones, who played the President in "The Man" in 1972. The last black actor I know of to play the role as President in the most comedic way ever is Chris Rock in Head of State.

I admit, when Barrack won, the theme song from Head of State immediately played in my mind. I laughed- my husband and I both did.

Our nation has come a long way. I may not have experienced racism to the degree that my parents did, but it is obvious a change has come to America and we are learning how to become color blind. Thank God!

We have come a ways, but it clearly is evident that we need to keep our new President in prayer. I mean, REALLY.

I'm sure you've seen the reports: There have already been threats out against Obama. Sadly, we live in a world where hatred runs around rapid. We have an enemy and our enemy likes to start mess.

Friends, we need to pray for our new leader. We need to pray that God would protect him- that he would be a shield around his enemies. We need to pray that God would speak to his heart so he can make the best decisions for our country. Pray for his family, his close friends and his council. Pray, Pray, Pray.

Just like your vote was heard, your prayers are heard by God. We need to keep him Lifted. It's urgent and I'm more than sure he would appreciate it!

This is a new day in America, friends. We have a New Leader- a New President and I'm excited because I know God is in control and only God can change things!

I encourage you to take on the same attitude. This may not be the man you voted for, but you shouldn't be sad. There are issues everywhere but, know that God is in control. This is why we need to pray for our leader. Write it in your prayer journal-put it in the church prayer request box. Pray!

Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day!


*References taken from Did Movies Prepare the Nation for a Black President? by David Walker- MSN. To read the article, click here.

*Click the actors name to view the movies they starred in.

*Pastor John Piper wrote a blog titled "Grateful for (Almost) Any Government" breaking down that scripture in 1Timothy. It's an excellent resource. To visit his blog, please click here.


Dianna Hobbs said...


Such a moving post. I could almost see your parents celebrating. I was thinking while I was reading this, "Wow, Kennisha's so right". It's so easy to get caught up in the excitement of the moment and forget to pray for the man that has been chosen to carry the weight of a nation in turmoil on his shoulders! You have captured my heart today with your wise words.

One other thing I was that ADORABLE little son of yours will know when he is older, that he too, can be President of the United States if he wants to!



Susan said...

Hey Kennisha,

This is Susan, (your friend from New Orleans!)

Great post. I can hardly imagine the joy your parents and many older folks felt last night.

Such HOPE for our nation. It is truly time we put this racial divide BEHIND us.

We've made so many mistakes as a nation and when I read about all that took place in our past it sickened me. We've come a long way, praise GOD!

So I rejoice for this day. I will now pray that God will get a hold of our new president. That he would be surrounded by GODLY men to advise him. That he will cry out to Jesus for wisdom.

Oh, congrats on the new gift God has blessed you with!!!!!

God's Girl said...

Amen! I agree! We need to pray!
We need to pray for our nation. We need to pray for our leaders. We need to pray for our families.
We just need to pray!

I love that song that says... we need to pray, pray, pray just to make it today. : )

I thought I would stop in to say hello!

Have a wonderful day!

Carol said...

Thanks for your comment at the Cafe today. You are a great writer. I've enjoyed reading some of your stuff. May God continue to bless you and your family.