Sunday, November 23, 2008

"Loving Kindness" by Alvin Slaughter

Whether you are looking for a song that will encourage your soul or send you to place of worship, Loving Kindness is sure to do the job!

I've listened to this song numerous times and each time it takes me to a place where my heart melts and I forget where I am. All I care to do is saturate myself in God's presence and allow the Lord to speak to me.

The words speak volumes. As I hear the repeated chorus say, "For the Lord is Good and His Mercy Endures Forever" I weep- anticipating the day when we'll proclaim the Lord's goodness over and over!

In fact, the entire album Overcomer, is sure to remind you not to give up and to hold on to the Lord because through Him, you are an Overcomer.

If you like what you hear and are interested in learning more about Alvin Slaughter's Overcomer, please CHECK OUT HIS MYSPACE.

Without further adieu, here is his personal review of Loving Kindness. (Please pause my music box so you can hear it well).

I pray this video blesses you!


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