Monday, December 22, 2008

The Lord Heard My Cry

I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him.- 1 Samuel 1:27

This evening, I'm blogging with a heart full of thanks for God's grace. Though we are so undeserving of his grace, he still looks upon us in grace and mercy and works miracles in our lives. I'm sure we can all testify of God's faithfulness.

I'm four months pregnant. Thank God I'm surpassing the nausea stage and have an unbelievable increase of appetite. This pregnancy is rolling along well.

At a previous doctor's appointment, three weeks ago, my doctor confirmed that I wouldn't need to take injections anymore in this pregnancy. To find out more about what the injections were about, you're welcomed to read an article I wrote titled Desperate for the Miracle of Motherhood.

Taking shots everyday is not the funnest in the world to do. It was hard. Though they weren't painful, it was still an extra chore. I often wondered, "Lord, why me?" My mother didn't have this issue. It just didn't make much sense for me to be having such an issue in my pregnancies.

When my sister became pregnant, I immediately began to intercede for her and her baby- begging the Lord to spare her so she wouldn't have to experience what I did. Praise God, a week ago Saturday, the Lord blessed her and her husband with a healthy beautiful baby girl Jadie.

Back to my previous doctor's appointment.
When I heard the great news that I wouldn't need those injections anymore, my heart was filled with thanks to God for his grace. I knew He answered my prayers and heard the cry of myself and my husband. We prayed faithfully- believing the Lord was able to heal me of this issue. We prayed for life. For healthy pregnancies and beautifully healthy babies. We prayed long and hard. We believed.

Now, this was a test of faith. My doctor encouraged me to take the remainder of the injections I had left (which was a box full) and then we'll check the baby in a couple of weeks.

While I was in New Orleans, getting much needed rest, I finished the box and I knew I was at least five days before I'd have my next doctor's visit.

I was on edge. I believed the Lord would sustain the baby and my next visit would be awesome. But, the human part of my got nervous. I was careful about everything yet, really tried not to think so hard about it.

I believe that sometimes the Lord is watching how we wait for our miracle. Do we wait patiently with faith the size of a mountain. Or, do we nervously wait, on edge not sure of how the outcome will be.

Though on edge a bit, I had to rebuke the enemy and cast down silly thoughts and keep my trust in God. I was not going to let the enemy win this one. I knew God's hand was on me.

Finally, my visit came today and there I sat in the waiting room- anticipating the call. I went in to have the ultrasound and there I saw a healthy strong heart-beat in the body of a miracle. She was squirming around in there and I almost cried because that was confirmation that things are fine and that the Lord has his hand on this pregnancy.

And thus, I continue to believe and have faith.

I really pray this entry has encouraged you in your faith today. Whatever miracle you're waiting on, whatever breakthrough you're believing God for... know that God does hear our cries at night. He knows our hurts and pains. And his grace is sufficient. It's enough for us all. Let's continue to have faith and trust the Lord in our lives- through all of our circumstances. God is still good and He's in Control!

We serve a Mighty God!

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Wanza Leftwich, The Gospel Writer said...

Hey! Jadie is gorgeous! I'm rejoicing with you! Our God is a miracle worker. There is NOTHING too hard for him.

quietspirit said...

I take it you are carrying a girl. Your niece is precious. They will be playmates when they are together.