Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Marital Bliss Online, Newsletter

I'm excited and pleased to announce the upcoming launch of Marital Bliss Online, a monthly e-newsletter created to encourage newly married couples to THRIVE in their marriages.

We are a Christian newsletter, so our content will always encourage you to live according to Word of God.This newsletter will provide timely Dating tips, Music Reviews- highlighting music that's especially great for married folk' only, Articles to help stimulate spiritual and personal growth, Advice from the Pro's (seasoned couples with timely advice) and more.

Marital Bliss Online is an free email newsletter, so in order to subscribe, you will need to leave your name and email address.

The Marital Bliss Team is a team of married couples with the same objective; to encourage one another to stick it out and press on through the vigorous trials that come to discourage marriage. Divorce statistics are high, but we want to bring a ray of sunshine with hopes to encourage you to keep on keepin on.

We're expecting to launch in January 2009. Remember, to subscribe, please leave your name and email address. You're welcomed to do so in this post or send an email to with Subscribe in the subject line.

I pray you have a wonderfully blessed Christmas season. Happy Holidays and remember Jesus is the reason for the season.


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