Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Special Thanks!

Today, I just wanted to give special thanks and shout outs to my blogger friends. It's is so awesome how God put such amazing people in my life by way of the Blog World. I never thought I'd meet such great people this way.

Ashley, I really appreciate your tender heart for the children of this world. You're an exceptional mother with a warm mothering spirit and I pray the Lord does more miracles and wonders in your life! It's so awesome to have met you and I do wish we lived closer too. I truly enjoy how transparent you are in your blogs and your heart to serve the Lord. You and your husband are truly blessed! And your kids are SO adorable! Thanks for being an inspiration!

Elaine, Everytime I read your blog, I feel so close to Jesus. You are greatly annointed and I'm honored to have come across your blog. I learn so much for you and take what you say and apply it to my life. You have so much love- and that's just what I get from the computer. I bet in person you have a serious draw about you that people love. You're one of a kind! Thanks for being so awesome!

Dianna, You are such an inspiration to me on many levels and it's not even all about your successes and your testimony. Although they are powerful, they aren't what you are all about to me. When I spoke with you on the phone, I was ecstatic! I told my husband, you remind me of me! Our spirits clicked immediately and I wished you lived in the Dallas, TX area! But just like you said we can grow to be friends long distance. Your heart to reach people is incredible and I am so honored to have met you and look forward to building a lasting friendship with you. Your an awesome woman of God and as my friends and I say to each other, "I wanna be like you when I grow up!" :)

Lynn, Thanks so much for being a wonderful sweetheart! I'm so thankful that I met another writer with such a loving heart. Your comments are always so sweet and endearing! I love coming to your blog! You have such an incredible gift and I appreciate your loving wisdom and kind words. You're probably the sweetest blogger I met so far! :)

Cecelia, special thanks to you also Cecelia. I greatly appreciate your always timely wisdom. You truly are a woman of God with lots of wisdom and knowledge of the word and I pray daily to grow into a woman of God with such attributes. Thanks for being so sweet and an awesome Godly example!

Wanza, I'm so glad the Lord brought me to your blog. When I saw your book Faith and Fertility, I was drawn to you. I really appreciate your transparency in your blog and your wonderful heart for helping other women who have experienced what you've gone through. Having experienced it 3 times myself, it's just so awesome to see a woman with a powerful testimoney write it out so others can be encouraged as well. You're a very talented writer and I'm sure God has more instore for you! Keep pressing on sister! It's a pleasure to know you!

To my other guest who visit frequently and leave comments and or who show support via email, I really do appreciate your love and encouragement. Sometimes upkeeping a blog isn't easy, especially when sometimes it feels like my entries only bounce off my ceiling back to me. I love blogging and connecting with people on a daily bases. As believers, I believe it's important that we continue to support each other and encourage one another in the faith. This builds us and helps us grow stronger in Christ.

Let's keep being a light to each other!

Thanks again for being so awesome. If you're new, I encourage you to check out the blogs of the friends I mentioned above. They'll really bless you!



Ashley Weis said...

You are too sweet. Thanks for this! Love Wanza too. I'll have to check out your other bloggy friends.

Wanza Leftwich, The Gospel Writer said...

Hey Kennisha!
Thank you so much. That really encouraged me today. I'm glad that we are connected. Like Ashley said, I have to check out your other bloggy friends - and I agree Ashley is awesome. Maybe we should all connect on ONE blog somehow. You know - like each one of us take a day to post. Interested?