Monday, February 23, 2009

A Lifestyle Unmissed

Last Saturday night, some friends and I surpised another friend of ours with a birthday dinner at a popular Dallas jazz club- Brooklyn's Jazz. My husband and I had recently gone there to eat dinner about a week ago with other friends. Now, apparently Brooklyn's has grown significantly- enough to add another section to the Jazz Club. However, instead of adding more tables and another Jazz section, they added a Hip Hop section. So, mind you, while we were eating, people were coming from the Hip Hop section to the Jazz section and were bringing the noise with them.

Now, when my husband and I first visited Brooklyn's a couple of years ago, it was different. Nice Jazz music by a local jazz band filled the air- people were tapping feet and snappin their fingers to the smooth soltury sound that Jazz delivers. I personally like Jazz. In fact, I love "The Gospel According to Jazz", by Kurt Whalum and just about all of Ben Tankard's music. So, the idea of going to a jazz club is a perfect get-a-way for me and my husband, who happens to love jazz as well.

But, our most recent visits were certainly different than our first experience.

While I was there, I noticed the young ladies dressed for attention and the fellas who were obviously trying to "mack" on the ladies. It was interesting because I then remembered being in that lifestyle once upon a time.

During a short period in my life, I went to clubs. And I clearly remember how uncomfortable I was there. I was there because my 'friends' wanted me to go there. I guess you could say, I was the responsible one who could drive in the event they could not. Nonetheless, it was not the best experiences I've had in my life. But, as I sat in Brooklyn's with my husband and close friends, I told my husband, "I thank God for deliverence." I don't have to worry about sweaty men trying to 'holla' at me as I walk by... I don't have to worry about men asking to buy me a drink, only for the purpose of seeing me later that night. I don't have to worry about other women giving me evil stares just because. Come on now, if you've gone to clubs before, I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about.

My point to this entry is simple.

Miss the world. Miss the things you used to do. Know that you have been delivered from it. When we come across things that we used to do- things we know are wrong for our spiritual growth and development, then we should look at them in disgust. We should hate them. Once we gave our lives to the Lord and committed/recommitted our lives to Him, we should no longer lust after the things of the world.

Psalm 97:10 Ye that love the LORD, hate evil: he preserveth the souls of his saints; he delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked

I pray this entry has encouraged you today. Thanks for visiting!

Kennisha Hill


Carmen said...

Hello Kennisha,
I wrote about this very thing last week..."SIN SUCKS...the LIFE right out of you!"

Great word!

Blessings & lovely blog!

Ashley Weis said...

Hey Nish,

So true. Yet I still struggle with being like the world, wearing makeup and seeking artificial beauty. I don't know if that struggle will go away, but I do know that I hate the temptation and everything that goes along with it. I can't wait to be in heaven just so I'm never tempted to be like the world.

quietspirit said...

A friend of ours and her husband went to a party in a friend's home. They hadn't seen this person in a few years. My friends were saved but the host wasn't.
My friend was so uncomfortable that she asked her husband as they were leaving, "Tell me again why we want to do this."
Since then they appreciate what the world calls "dull and boring."
I do too.