Friday, March 20, 2009

Special Guest Blogger: My Husband, Kellus Hill

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Oprah can't handle the mention of Christ!
By: Kellus Hill

I usually get off of work at 4:30pm and come home to join my wife in whatever activity is going on (playing with our son, discussing the blog she's writing, watching TV) and she had the TV on Oprah *groan, sigh* because of its discussion on domestic abuse. We watched skeptically as usual, waiting for her new age talk of finding the power within and writing a magic book about changes in the law of inertia or something as some former abusers discussed their rehab/ counseling. But boy, we were pleasantly surprised by the response of the two guys sitting next to Oprah!

The first guy discussed how (paraphrasing) looking at the life Christ lived and the abuse he took on the cross- all in spite of no love returned- how it really changed him and basically broke him. The second guy cosigned and said something along the lines of "I agree because He changed me" and added more solid discussion on the truth of the change Christ brings. Oprah said with a straight faced stutter, "By Him do you mean, Jesus?" and the guy said quickly and precisely "I call Him Father!" My wife and I were like "Yeeee-aaaahhhhh" and I jumped up and down because of the boldness of these guys.

Then we proceeded to thank the Lord for His convicting ways as the audience was silent. Oprah's look turned into one of shock and as hard as stone. Then she half acknowledged what they said and kicked it to some other dude on Skype. What was hilarious was that her voice cracked and she tripped over her words during that process!

Thank you Holy Spirit for the boldness of these men in the face of an anti- Christian atmosphere. I wish I could contact the young men and encourage them!

Did you watch yesterday's Oprah show? If so, please share your thoughts with us!

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Michele Williams said...

No I did not see the show... but I agree, I wish I could praise these guys personally for their courage to talk about how their Father changed them!! Give God the glory...not new age!!! Thank you for writing about this!

Anonymous said...

Can you find that on youtube or something? I wanna see!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

No, I gave up on the show a couple of years ago, but I am glad for the name of Jesus being spoken via that venue. Awesome! Reminds me of the power of his Name. One word, five letters, and all of hell shudders!


Praise Him.


ChristianMommyWriter said...

I saw this show and I was really proud of these guys for sticking up for their faith in Jesus Christ.

The funny thing about it was that everytime one of them said something about Jesus Christ delivering them from being abusive, another guest panelist would try to steal that away from them and say that they weren't truly delivered, as if God can't do a heart transplant with willing vessels.

God can change anyone and I believe that he did a work in these guys. You could see their remorse. It doesn't matter if Oprah or her panelists believed it or not. God knows their heart.

Great post!