Thursday, April 16, 2009

A "Delay" Is Not Necessarily a "No"!

A couple weeks ago, as my husband was leaving New Jersey, he called to break the news that his flight was canceled due to the pilots not getting enough rest. Honestly, my first reaction was "Aww man!" considering he had been up there working for a few days. I was ready for him to come home to me and his son. Well, instead of pushing their flight to the next day, his VP was able to get them on a much later flight that evening. This still wasn't good enough for me- at the time- because as I mentioned, I was ready for him to come home. I was frustrated, but quickly got over it as it dawned on me the reason why their was a delay in his return. Thank God the flight crew decided to reschedule the flight. The last thing we needed was sleepy pilots behind the wheel of an airplane. I had to realize that "No" my husband is not coming home as originally scheduled but "Yes" he is coming home!

Sometimes we hear unexpected "No's" about projects we are working on. I can't begin to tell you of the countless times I've heard "NO" after I've submitted a synopsis for one of my books or an article for a magazine. Rejection certainly comes- it's even expected (Simply Wisdom,Chapter 19.) But, getting rejection is only a delay.... it's not really a NO.

Here's why:

Delays happen for a reason. Either this wasn't the avenue you were to take, this wasn't the book publisher meant for your book, or that client was not meant for you. It only mean, there is something better out there for you- someone who will appreciate your work and believe in your vision.

This is where we should trust God. Pray for God's peace for your journey. Pray that he will give you peace and understanding in the midst of your delay's. Remember, my husband did come home, Thank God. He arrived a little later than expected, but, he came. That goes for you too. Your project may not get done today. Your book may not be published when you think it should. Your CD may not be released right away. Or your degree may be pushed back a few months. But, rest assured that it WILL it the right timing!

Kennisha Hill
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1 comment:

LisaShaw said...

I've often said that delay does not mean denial it's just simply not right now and when God says it it's for good reason.

Glad your husband returned safely and thank you for sharing a great reminder on PATIENCE.

Bless you and your family. Your sons photo on the side bar is so handsome!