Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Dynamic Duo

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Saturday evening, the Lord made a way for my husband and I go out and enjoy a nice dinner with our couples ministry at church. Being near eight months pregnant, I often long for every chance we can get to get out of the house and do something fun together. God willing, I have less than two months before I'll be going into the delivery room to have our little girl. And, this pregnancy has been a doozy. I don't like to dwell on negative things, but this pregnancy certainly brought me a lot of discomfort starting from nausea and now with a consistent amount of pelvic pain. I think she's a big girl!

Well, along with pregnancy, I personally have been super busy with my book that is finally published. With the decision to self-publish, I knew it would take an enormous amount of dedication and time to get it finished. Let me tell you, my husband and I were operating on a very strict budget. And that meant, investing in an editor was not in the budget. So, I prayed and the Lord showed me that my husband could edit for me.

I was sharing with my husband today how I did not think I would marry another writer. Though he is not aggressively pursuing a writing career like I am, I still knew he would be a tremendous help to me during this process. I had a few eyes read my manuscript before submitting it to my publisher and I tell ya, I had no idea I had so many grammatical errors! How can a person be near terrible in English, yet want to write a book? LOL I laugh when I think about it too. I knew I couldn't let that get in the way of the book getting completed. Thank God for editors and my husband is an excellent one!

My point to this blog is to express how blessed I am. My husband is such an amazing support system for me. He gives honest criticism to my work- he's not biased at all because I'm his wife. He's brutally honest at times... but it's only to help strengthen me as a writer. I never thought I'd marry someone who cared so much about my writing and who believed in what God has called me to do. Even now that the book is complete, he is helping me the best he can with promotion. And trust me, being so far along in my pregnancy, he is quick to encourage me to take a break when needed.

Those who are married out there, know that there is nothing more amazing than having a supportive spouse. I believe that this is a requirement for marriage. We should love, honor, respect and support each other. It really helps build a healthy marriage. So, if you know your husband or wife has a calling on their life, get behind them 100%. Pray and ask the Lord to show you how you can be a great support to them. Trust me, they care if you support them or not. You too can be a dynamic duo!

I am blessed beyond measure and even more excited because the next non-fiction book on my list to be published will be written by my husband and I!

AND, I absolutely have to thank our son, Kellus II. Many days I felt like a terrible mommy because I've been so busy with this book. I've been praying about balance and I thank God he's showing me how to balance being a mommy and a writer. Being a mommy is my first priority. He is God's gift of love and joy to my husband and I!

I pray this testimony and wisdom will send a boost of encouragement your way today!

If you are married, visit www.maritalblissonline.com and Subscribe. My husband and I are the Editors of this newsletter and our next issue will launch May 8th!

Kennisha Hill


Shonte' Press said...

That was so on time for me! Jason edits my blogs for me every morning before I post. I know that's nothing like editing a book, but its wonderful to have a supportive hubby. God blessed us girl!!! Thanks for the post and congrats.

quietspirit said...

Always praise God that you have a supportive husband.

LisaShaw said...

Amen! There is nothing at all like a supportive, loving and praying spouse. I know you have the best that GOD had for you and so do I. Mine is a keeper for sure.

You both look wonderful together. I pray for a healthy and blessed delivery and for your book to be put into the hands of everyone God intends.

Bless you dear one and I'll be back online next week and visit with you then.

Your son is so cute!

Nedra Smith said...

Wow, Kennisha, even with the growing pains that may come with the bliss, you are consistently encouraging. May God bless you, your husband, your books, and your babies--in every way.