Monday, April 20, 2009

Give Yourself A Break!

Last night I had an opportunity to view a DVD of myself singing during the Easter program at church. I hardly watch myself sing, so it was really interesting to watch. As I'm watching, I'm critiquing my own performance. I begin to notice certain habits I do when I sing and they begin to repulse me. To other viewers, they probably don't notice how I squint my eyes a certain way or stare more at the ceiling instead of at people when I sing. These are habits that I personally can't stand about myself when I'm ministering by song. So, my husband and brother in law asked me how do I rate myself. I said, "Ahh... about a 8 out of 10." Now, that's not a terrible rating- considering it's a little closer to 10 than let's say a 5 out of ten. I gave myself some slack this time. But, the fact still remains.... I am certainly my worst critic.

Do you find yourself being too harsh on yourself sometimes too?

Some people think it's healthy to have some level of criticism about yourself. I agree that we should certainly always strive for perfection, but if we're not careful, we can certainly over do it with personal negativity and actually cause a set back. I believe there is a certain amount of inner rejection, fear and loss of confidence that can allow us to take 20 steps back until we ultimately never go back to that talent ever again.

Most times some people may be too harsh on themselves, simply because of the negativity they've been used to for so long. Then, there are times when people feel like no matter how hard they work at their talent that they're not good enough. The truth is, you are good enough. Work hard at your gift, but don't doubt that you can't succeed in it.

If this is you today, I want to encourage you with something.

The gift the Lord has blessed you with is special. Don't be so hard on yourself. Give yourself a break! Instead of being such a harsh critic, ask God to reveal to you what areas you should work on and get busy with perfecting your craft.

Here are a few tips:

1) give yourself a break
2) pace yourself
3) practice, practice, practice
4) don't let the challenge beat you; you beat it
5) recognize the areas you should work on, and attack them.
6) don't be afraid to go to the next level
7) ask someone who's more experienced for help

Whatever your respective calling is know that God has equipped you with the capability to do it. But, while you're busy practicing, give yourself some credit. What's awesome is that you are actually using your talent and not letting it go to waist. Remember, people are not critiquing you as hard as you are critiquing yourself. Instead, they are sitting back soaking in your wonderful talent!

This week, I'm going to cover each of these topics. I pray they will encourage you in the Lord to keep moving forward in your gifts!

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ChristianMommyWriter said...

This is a good topic!

We can be our own biggest critics and that can hold us back from fulfilling our destiny.

Sometimes, when I write articles and blog posts, I constantly revise and edit over and over again. It has also been an excuse for me to procrastinate and it has held me back.

I look forward to your series this week!

quietspirit said...

Lastsummer I was in a drama skit for church. I asked someone to use my cameras to take pictures.
When I saw myself in the pictures I was upset with myself.
I need to focus more on memorizing my lines than obsessing over how I appear.

LisaShaw said...

I agree with you. At times, at any age, we can be too hard on ourselves. I do believe in examining ourselves in line with God's word but not beating ourselves up especially for features and things we can not change and should just celebrate.

I tried to leave a comment on your Simply Wisdom post but when I clicked on Post Comment it doesn't open for me to comment.

Bless you.

Kennisha Hill said...

Thanks everyone for your comments! This is truly a hard one for me a learn. God knows I can be a bit too hard on mysef- especially with my writing Tonya.

Lisa, Thanks so much for making me aware of the comment issue on Simply Wisdom. I changed my settings. Hopefully this fixes things!

Have a blessed Tuesday