Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Overnight Sensation? How did they do it?

Have you ever seen television shows where the special guest are ordinary people who thought of the most extraordinary things and ended up making millions of dollars? I remember one Oprah show, the Founder/CEO of Myspace was there... then the Founder of Facebook was there... she's even had an episode of people who thought of the most creative ideas that became instant successes. One of my favorites is "Deceptively Delicious" by Jessica Seinfield (Jerry Seinfield's wife). Though my son loves vegetables, still, for those who struggle with getting their children to eat them- this is not a bad idea. There are many many brilliant ideas out there that people are putting to use- and their ideas, gifts and talents are making a significant amount of room for them.

As a side note- my husband and I brainstormed so many times about us having the next best invention. No success yet! LOL

Speaking of the next best invention, have you ever seen that television show "American Inventor"? That was one of the shows my husband and I would watch together. Some people's inventions were truly awesome ideas... some weren't so great. But, there's one thing I remember the judges constantly encouraging the contestants to do; keep trying!

You see, it is so easy to just completely give up on our ideas because of how lame we think they are. But the truth is- and I really want you to get this- things do not just happen over night! Sometimes when we start things it's not perfected overnight. Things take time. Things take Practice!

We have to constantly be on the grind with our gifts- perfecting them so that when we are ready to present them to God (Who is our ultimate Judge) they will be acceptable.

I personally enjoy practicing. When I was a little girl, I used to ballet dance. Fifteen years later as an adult, I got right back into the New Orleans Ballet Association. Oh how I felt ridiculous in that class with much younger ladies than me. Well, there were some dance moves that apparently was not meant for me. I have some sense of flexibility.... but I am certainly not an expert; even though this is something I've done before. But I had to practice! I had to go to rehearsal... I had to practice outside of rehearsal. Only then would I be satisfied enough to perform in front of anyone.

This definitely applies to my life today as a writer. I have to hone my skills as a writer in order to get better at it. The truth is, I can't just say I have good ideas and throw them together in a book. I have to practice by means of critique groups, writing articles, reading books to help sharpen my skills...etc. The same applies to you!

Whatever your skill is, practice at it. If you love to sing, stand in the mirror, put your song on and practice! If you love to dance, keep working on your routines. If you're a speaker, keep speaking! The more you do it, the better you get!

As I mentioned earlier, this is something we should all do to make certain our gift is acceptable to the Lord. He does require us to give things our best!

I pray you hear this word of encouragement today. Don't fret if your talent does not make you millions overnight. Instead, keep at it. Practice what God has given you and trust that he's guiding you on this journey. Remember, your path is not going to be identical to anyone else. You have your own unique path. But, I promise, if you trust God and keep practicing your skill, you'll go no where but onward and upward!

Kennisha Hill

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Shonte' Press said...

Wow, you said it girl!!! What an inspiring article. We truly have to learn to take it one day at a time. So hard to do in a microwave society. But we know that it has to be done in God's timing. Love you much and I am so proud to be able to call you friend. Thanks for everything.

Mommie Blessings,

Shonte' Press