Monday, May 11, 2009

Mommy Multitasking!

Saturday afternoon, my wonderful friends gave me a baby shower. Truthfully, I was exhausted when I got there because early that morning I was up preparing to put books in the mail. My husband is often on me about resting these last weeks of pregnancy. But, not super-woman Kennisha. (Shame on me).

Well, at the baby shower, the ladies played one of my favorite games. The name of the game is "Mommy-Multitasking". Now, the object of the game is to talk on the phone, hold the baby [doll] and hang baby clothes on the clothing line. Some people may think it's a breeze... but do I have any mother's out there who really do this? I'm sure you'll agree it's not so easy at all.

I didn't play- only because there's no way I could bend down and get clothes out of the basket and hang them out without going into labor. No. Instead, I laughed almost uncontrollably at the people who did. They were hilarious, and one of funniest parts were hearing there telephone conversations as they were hanging clothes up!

Mommy's, wouldn't you agree that we are the ultimate Multitaskers?

Here's one thing I realized though. Sometimes you just have to either put the phone down or put the baby down. In other words- do one thing at a time!

I am still learning this word called, "Balance". As I mentioned in my feature in EEW Magazine,

"As I continued to pray and seek God about the best
way to approach being a wife, stay-at-home mom
and a writer, God spelled the answer out to
me in bold ink: BALANCE!"

It's really not the easiest thing to do- at least in the beginning- but once you've accomplished it, other accomplishments will follow.

This is a picture of me signing one of my books- at the baby shower! (Crazy huh?) Truthfully, I should have done this at home, but hey, it was the only time I probably had to do it before handing it to my friend who purchased it.

Today, Dianna Hobbs (Editor-in-Chief of EEW Magazine) blogged about the solution to my problem; Working to Relax. I promise, this is a great read for those of you, who need to pause and have a break from things. I love how she said, "While it can be pretty normal for women to want to hold things together, since we're natural caretakers and all, this tendency can get in the way of trusting God with our lives. In other words, we can get to the point where we don't recognize when it's time to let go and let God work things out."

I encourage you to visit her website and read this incredible post in its entirety! You will be blessed and encouraged! Visit Dianna Hobbs HERE!

Being 33 weeks along, I can honestly say that I feel the Lord is instructing me to take it easy and relax. It is hard work having a new book out (Simply Wisdom), being a mommy to a one year old AND being eight months pregnant. Can't forget about my husband too. Trying to really give 100% in all of those areas is very challenging. The truth is, I can't forget about me. So, I'm going to take the remainder of my pregnancy and rest. Occasionally, you may see a blog from me. But, I'm going to give myself a break and rest because I know once my little princess is here, that's going to begin a new, exciting and busy world for me!

Until next time, may the Lord continue to bless you as you continue on your journey!


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Christian Mommy Writer said...

Hey Kennisha,

Are you in that nesting stage? I remember when I was pregnant,I had this urge to get a million things done. It actually happened the week before my son was born! Try to take it easy girl as much as you can. I know it's easier said than done though.

As for your baby's birth weight, I may need to see more pics of the belly, but just throwing an idea out there...... 7lbs 1oz? :-)

Asia said...

Wow, I love this post. I am a college student and though I am not a mother I can relate when you were talking about BALANCE AND LETTING GO AND TRUSTING GOD. This is something the Lord is teaching me.I don't know everything and I just need to let God direct my path. He knows what He is doing, I only know so much.

Shonte' Press said...

All I have to say is GET SOME REST!!! Miss ya tons :-)

LisaShaw said...

You're beautiful and I'm sure you felt loved on.

I'm a Mother and a Grandmother and trust me you'll learn balance as you move along.

Bless you dear one.

Kennisha Hill said...

@Christian Mommy Writer,

My husband read your response and said YES very loudly in here! I suppose I am in the nesting stage. I keep running to Babiesrus and Target to get last minute things. The only thing I need to do now is pack our bag. I'm hoping we can hang on until June! :) And I think she'll be about 7lbs something. My son was 7lbs 5oz!

MOMSWEB said...

Bless your heart. Yes, please get some rest! This was a wonderful post and I need to read it over and over again (smile). Mothers are stretched in all directions with only two arms (lol).

Kennisha Hill said...


Thank you so much for your comment! I'm trying my hardest to get rest! I'm in the homestretch and it's a bit challenging with a one year old! :) Your welcome to visit anytime! Blessings to you!