Friday, August 21, 2009

You can run, but you can't hide!

My husband (Kellus) and I collect nice family movie DVDs. We strongly believing in guarding what we watch on television. My golden rule is, if I can't watch it with Kellus, then we don't need to buy it. Thank God this is something He and I both agree on. We'll occasionally go see a movie, but we are very careful about what we buy and keep in our homes.

Well, our DVDs are neatly placed in a decorative box beneath our television in the living room. Our son, Kellus Jr, knows exactly where to go to get them. And so, if he wants to watch Veggie Tales, which is his favorite cartoon show, then he knows how to go in the box and take out a Veggie Tales DVD. From time to time he'd be a rambunctious toddler and take just about all of our DVDs out of the box. Now, this would happen at the most opportune times for him because I'd be either writing or doing some house-cleaning; completely occupied with something else. He's slick!

A few months ago, some of our of DVD favorites ended up missing. The Journey to the Center of the Earth and Horton Hears A Who, along with Surfs Up. I was thinking, "Now, where in the world could these DVDs be hiding?" You see, when Kellus Jr would take the DVDs out of the box, he would also take the disk out of the case. When I'd catch him taking them out the case, I'd stop him and make him put it back. But you know kids are sneaky, right?

Anyway, Big Kellus and I practically tore up his room looking for those DVDs. We looked in the closet, under his bed, in his dresser drawers; everywhere. Until, Tuesday I caught him going under the television in the living room to get DVDs out again. I sat quietly and observed. He tip toed into his room, took a DVD disk and tried to slide it underneath his television. "Hold Up!" I thought. I know he couldn't have put the DVDs we were looking for under his television; thinking it's a DVD player! I laughed so hard!

As sure as you know, Kellus Jr had DVDs under his television AND underneath the television in our living room. My husband and I could not stop laughing. Seriously, who would have thought!

Kids are hilarious, however, we can really learn something from them.

"O God, you know my foolishness and my sins are not hidden from you" (Psalms 69:5)

There may be things that we try to hide from God... things we don't tell anyone else about. I know we all have our personal and private issues because none of us are perfect. Just like little Kellus was taking DVDs and hiding them underneath the television, we tend to do the same thing. Ultimately, what he did came to light and that's exactly what happens to things try to hide. They eventually come to the light. It's better to surrender those things to God now and sparing embarrassment or possible regret.

Let this be encouragement for you today. God sees all and knows all. There is nothing that we do, think or feel that God doesn't know about. So, today I encourage you to keep that in mind and surrender your all to the Lord.

Have a wonderfully blessed weekend!

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Asia said...

Amen, I love this post and it was an encourgement. LOL at your son, kids are too funny.

quietspirit said...

Children catch on quickly. He's seen you or your hubby put one in and though he could.

LisaShaw said...

Very encouraging message. Your little one is too adorable!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

What a precious young man! He will be a fun "watch" in the years to come. My oldest sons are still surprising me by their antics and their learning.

I'm so glad you are enjoying these days with your growing family. You're doing a great job!