Friday, October 23, 2009

Recognizing Your Season!

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven, Ecclesiastes 3:1"

 The past few months have really taken me for an interesting ride. In other words, it has indeed been quite a huge transition for me. Months back, I'm sure you read my blog about myself learning how to prioritize. Well, now I see exactly why the Lord was speaking to me about this. He knew that I was about to come upon a time where I would not have much time to focus on my current projects. With my novel, "Endless Letter" going through editing, my Nonfiction Teen Devotional and Marital Bliss eMagazine, let's just say that if I did not have a husband or children, I would be spending 10+ hours a day on my laptop. Clearly, this is something that I absolutely can't do. So, in a few different ways the Lord spoke to me about prioritizing and responsibility.

One of the ways he spoke to me was through my Pastor's wife. She called one day to check on me (which I thought was sweet). I didn't know that her random phone call was going to deliver a very timely word for me. "The things God has for you to do are not going anywhere. Now is the time to focus on your family...that's your first ministry", she said. Although the Lord previously spoke those same words to me and her words were mere confirmation, there was still an ounce of rebellion that I could feel stirring within me. 

Immediately, I began to fight with those words. I knew they were from God, but my strong-will wanted to do what I wanted to do; and that was to keep writing. Put my work down? I thought. How in the world could I do that? Well, a little while later, the Lord showed me exactly how I was going to do it and why.

You see, my husband's job forces him to travel around the country. His travel didn't start to pick up until a few months ago. Now, he's typically gone for six days at a time. This means, I am home with the kids all day/night by myself, until he returns. Now, those of us with children know exactly how demanding the parenting role is. Children are demanding. They require love, affection and another extremely important essential to their growth and development; TIME.

Before my husband's travel picked up, I could easily spend some time writing, while my son was taking a nap. But now, my son's nap schedule is a little different and when he does take a nap, I'm trying to find a few minutes to rest myself just to prepare for what happens after nap time. And, I have a beautiful four month old daughter, who's even more demanding than my son. So, my day is very busy. By the time the evening arrives, I am pooped and ready to turn in for bed. Where does this leave my writing? A bit scattered and moving at a very slow pace.

I shared this with you today so that you can understand just how important it is to recognize the season you're in and not fight against it. My Pastor's wife's remarks are true. What God has for us to do will it's proper timing. God has not forgotten about what he said we [and He] will do. Sometimes life's unexpected events will cause us to pause for a minute to take care of our home responsibilities, which is our first ministry. In my case, my husband and children take precedence over my writing ministry. My books are not going anywhere. In fact, this has actually given me a great opportunity to catch up on some reading. And writers can tell you, you can become an incredible writer by being a devoted reader; by studying the craft!

Pray and ask the Lord to show you where you need to be this season. It's better not to fight against it but to walk, by faith, in it.

I hope this has encouraged you today! Thanks for Visiting! Share the message of Jesus Christ today.

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JFKjr. said...

You're AWESOME...I am speaking at a Single's Conference...and the scripture God lead you to use today is the theme scripture for the gave me a real life scenario that proves how important it is to accept the season your season...God's purpose is perfected when we submit to His will in our "season"...God bless you sister...

Asia said...

Wow, thanks for this post. This is something I needed to hear....I being going thourgh things and felt like I should hide and not talk about it. But I really am thankful because you reminded me and now I know not to run but get before Him. And just as Him what I should do. Thanks so much