Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Funny Mommy Moments!

Happy Tuesday, my wonderful blogger buddies!

I absolutely can not believe we are approaching the end of 2009. I seriously feel like this year has just started. Then again, this year has been so busy for me- that very well may be the reason why I feel this way. Well, moving forward, I'm going to switch things up a little bit on my blog. I will still post my weekly devotionals. (I'll be developing a 2010 schedule for my blog very soon!) But, I do want to have moments where I ramble about regular funny mommy things- to keep things a little light weight. I don't like to be so deep all the time. (smile). I do believe that laughter is good for the soul. I'm not so sure if that's scriptural, but it does make sense. Laughter helps eliminate stress. So, without further delay, here's my mommy moment I'd like to share with you today!

No one told me that when Toddlers are ready to be potty trained, they would start taking their diaper off and running through the house with their naked butts in the air. My very smart 2 year old, Kellus, has been doing this lately. We have a potty and take it out so he can sit on it. I give him water, juice, milk...just about any liquid I can think of...that will make him have to go and sit him there until he goes. Well, he was doing great at one point. But, because of my inconsistency, he's just stopped peeing in the potty. He was even going with #2!!!! I was ready to get big boy undies for him. But again, because of my inconsistency, he hasn't done so in a little while. Seriously, I just don't think I can take another dirty diaper from him! It is not the sweet smelling infant poop anymore. Those with children know what I'm saying. Goodness Gracious!!!

Here's what I'm learning through this experience. Patience and Consistency.

I have to be patient with him while he sits on the potty and consistent enough to keep him on there. I'm telling ya, when I see my son snatch his diaper because he's soiled it- right in the middle of family dinner- it makes me want to keep him on the potty forever!


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