Sunday, January 3, 2010

No Flesh Glories

Little Kellus (my two year old son) has started a new thing lately. Whenever he does something good and I clap and say "Very good son!" he replies with a bow "Thank You, Thank You!" He does so as if he knows he deserves the praise for what he's done. It's really the cuttest thing in the world. Although it is a good idea to praise our children for doing good works, it is even more important, I believe, to teach them how to give God praise. Why? Because, children need to learn that it's a good thing to do good out of obedience and love... but ultimately we live to do what pleases God because we love Him.

It's a simple truth that I've learned as I began to grow in Christ. God does not like his glory shared. In fact, he won't share it.

"Isaiah 42:8 I am Jehovah, that is My name; And My glory I will not give to another, Nor My praise to carved images."

Though this scripture is referencing worship to other god's, God is still clearly speaking the same message to us today. It's relevant.

I believe it is utterly important that we learn this very simple lesson. It's not about how big we make ourselves appear in front of millions of people. So many seek wordly praise that they will do anything to get a platinum album or become a best seller. Here's the deal (speaking frankly). God will not give you any extra points for selling the most books or records (or whatever it is you're selling or seeking for success)- even if it's for ministry purposes. God is much more concerned about where your heart is and making sure you have the right motives for ministry.

If you're working to serve, then do so with a heart to actually see people come to Christ and grow; not to become the next best or top thing.

So, the next time you find yourself aiming for the spotlight and saying "Thank you, thank you!" like my son, try stepping back and letting God take the credit that he rightfully deserves!

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