Monday, April 19, 2010

Busy Bee

I do not like bees! Almost all of my friends and family can tell you if any type of bee is flying around me, I will panic and run for miles. Something about them completely freaks me out and adding that picture to this blogpost does not help either ;-)

But as I slowly look at that picture, although that's somewhat agonizing for me, I see very busy bee's on a honey comb. They look busy. I'm sure you know what bee's do. They are the reason we have delicious honey spread on our biscuits and waffles.

Well, as busy as these bee's look, that's about as busy as I've been. I had not even had the time to complete a full blogpost and publish it online. In fact, as I'm typing this, my 10 month old, Kerissa, is eating in her high chair next to me and my two year old, Kellus is eating his oatmeal. And, I'm munching on raisin bread. Once I have finally finished eating/feeding the kids, it is immediately time for my son's arts and crafts period.

I have been one busy person.

Besides being a not-so-perfect wife, I'm also...

Super-mom by day who can run faster than a speed of lightening behind my 10 month old.
A music producer. Yep, my two year old is cutting an album soon.. he makes me create songs all day!


Okay, I'm getting serious now.

I actually feel like Super-mom. I'm sure all moms do. I love my precious blessings.

But, I am soliciting your prayers because my first novel, "Awakened", will be released to the public very soon. I've been working vigorously with final edits. I've read my own novel at least 100 times- at least it feels that way. Here's the synopsis:

"Tamara Thompson is an ambitious business woman basking in success in Seattle, Washington. In the midst of her first-class lifestyle, she secretly longs for love. Now in her early 30s, Tamara feels she has lost her chance and partly blames her ex of five years, Benjamin. 

One day shes presented with an intriguing opportunity to work for the government; her lifelong dream. Before her life takes an interesting ride, she's met with rejection and is forced to move from Seattle back to New Orleans. When she stumbles across Kameron, an NBA player for the Portland Trailblazers, while preparing for her best friends wedding, Benjamin presents another opportunity for a government position; an opportunity which would put Tamara back on track toward her goals. Growing closer to Kameron, Tamara ignores Benjamin's motives, and carefully considers the offer. Will she awaken and trust Gods direction and see love right before her eyes, or will she pursue her selfish ambitions?"

If you'd like to read the Prologue, you can by visiting my website here. 

Aside from working on my novel, I've been working hard on my Teen Girl's book club called "Virtuous Sistahood Bookclub". Our first meeting was last Saturday. Four girl's came and we had a ball! I'm glad they had fun and are excited about coming! Please keep us lifted in prayer. You can read more about our Book Club here.

Well, I have a two year old pulling my arm for milk!

Blessings to you all,


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