Monday, May 3, 2010

God is good!

"O' taste and see that the Lord is good. 
 blessed is the man that trust in him."

 I just realized something about myself. I can't just blog. Does that make sense? I can't just simply write feelings, thoughts and emotions down and click publish post. For some reason, a motto scripture and some deep-thought principle seems to take over immediately when I begin writing. This is just one of the many ways I know the Lord guides my pen as I write. The above scripture means a lot to me. 

Here's why.

It's a something I've learned at a very early age. My parent's taught me that God is good. At home you'd hear my mom shout "God is good", and later three little kids would respond, "All the time". 
Then she'd turn with a smile on her face and say, "And all the time?"

"God is good!" we shouted. His goodness is shown every single day... by the dawning each breath in our his provisions... by his patience with us... 

I'm sure we can give countless reasons of how we know God is so good to us. But there is another part to that scripture.

"And blessed is the man who trust in him."

I've learned how there is a distinct difference between knowing how good God is and trusting in him. Why were those two scriptures joined together? I think the two are clearly inseparable. 

God is indeed very good to us, all day every day, and since he is, we should trust that he will continue to be.

Even when...
it doesn't look like things are good.
things don't feel good.
when it's hard to even spell the word good.

Times are trying, challenging, and are flat out hard. But, there's one thing we can rest in. 

It's in His goodness

Thank you for visiting The Ready Writer. I pray this devotional has blessed you today. Have a blessed week in our Lord Jesus Christ!

Kennisha Hill
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