Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Should we try to be Sunday's Best?

I watch Sunday Best on Sunday evenings 7PM EST on BET. Kirk Franklin cracks me up. The judges are hilarious. And some of the singers are down right anointed with awesome stage presence. I love music so naturally this type of show attracts me. Plus, what's cool about this season is that I sang with some of the contestants in high school.

The goal of the show is simple. They are looking for Sunday Best; one person they feel has the most talent, anointing and stage presence to win a national recording contract, a new car and a pretty substantial cash prize.

It's pretty much similar to American Idol because there sits three judges ready to give you honest critique about your performance.

This is my 2nd time actually keeping up with a full season starting from show one. I must be very honest and admit that in the beginning, I thought it was a bogus idea. I didn't like how critical the judges were. I do think this season they have lightened up a wee bit though. Thank goodness.

But, here's a thought that crept through my mind last night.

The dynamics of any talent show is the same. You get up there on the mic. You give it your best shot. And three people decide whether or not you are good enough to proceed in the competition until they determine one winner.

You work hard.
You practice.
Blood sweat and tears almost.
Only to get a final yes or no because there is only one winner.

And after the competition is over, you're back to your square one- singing wherever you were before you auditioned for the show because you did not make it and were not good enough for three judges (or even for millions of voters).

Recently, the question "Who do we really work for?" immediately stuck out to me. Should we really try to be Sunday's Best? Do we value other people's critique over trusting what God has placed in us to do?

Now, Sunday Best is pretty much a game show. It's a talent show that requires your hard work with hopes that you'll win- but it's a game. And so, if the contestants are not careful, they can easily be swayed or discouraged into thinking that it's more important that their talent speaks to the three judges...as if their judgment matters the most. However, the truth is, that's just not true.

Off stage, there are many people who wait for people's praise, approval or critique of their work. They want to win the prize. They want to be publicly praised.  They thrive on man's approval when the truth is, they really don't have to.

You see, whether you sing, write, play an instrument or any other artist of some kind, you shouldn't minister or perform for man. When you are on your platform, the one God gave to you for ministry, your desire should be to give God the glory because he is the only judge that matters.

Let me carefully explain that there's nothing wrong with healthy criticism or with learning. We go to school and train to learn. We make mistakes and need people to help shape our gift. But, we shouldn't allow anyone to sway us from moving forward into our divine destiny.

God is in the business of building, not tearing down.

Man's opinion will always change. I'm learning that in the writing industry. I've had people critique my books and love them and I've had people question my ability to get published. Critique after critique after critique. But the truth is, who in the world cares about what people say? At least, we shouldn't. We should be able to take words of advice with a grain of salt and keep moving forward toward our purpose.

At the end of the day, I truly believe we should try to be God's best. We should strive to be who God created us to be, regardless of what anyone says. You are created with an incredible purpose and that purpose is not to stand in front of three judges so they can decide the fate of your career or ministry. It's so that the Lord Jesus Christ can be glorified in your life.

Be God's best!

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