Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Devotional

It Pays to Be Still

I love my daughter's soft and curly hair. But, it seems like the moment I pull her bows, ties, comb and brush out to comb her hair, she immediately prepares to run. She does not like it when I comb her hair. I thought maybe she is a little tender-headed like me. Tender-headed is when it hurts to comb right through your hair. Usually people with a sensitive scalp have to brace themselves before anyone does their hair. I know I did.

I realized I was no different when I was a little girl.  You see, my mom used to press my hair with a hot comb; the comb that sat on the stove under fire. She straightened my very curly hair with that thing. The end results were stunning and beautiful because my hair was so long. But like my daughter, when I saw that hot comb coming my way, I cringed and immediately prepared to run.

This morning God reminded me of a simple lesson I could learn from my daughter and my hair experiences.

When we don't see the beauty behind our trials, situations, or experiences, it's natural for us to prepare to run from them. The truth is, most times God wants us to stand still and watch what he's going to do for us, in us or through us. Like my daughter, we can easily prepare to hit the road when it appears like any form of discomfort or in some cases something different or unusual is happening in our lives.We don't realize that our constant moving can make things shift. When we keep still and allow God to do his thing, His grand plan begins to unfold. You may not be able to see the beautiful out come immediately, but at the end of it all, God always has the victory- which means, it will be worth every bit of sitting still.

In my daughter's case, she doesn't realize just how beautiful her hair will look when I'm done. She probably doesn't even care. But, after fighting with me for 20 minutes after I make her keep still, her hair will look just as dainty as I imagined. Likewise for you and your situation. You can't see what the results are at this time, but God knows. Today I encourage you to not wrestle with him, but to Trust him! He can see the beauty behind it all!

Psalm 46:10a "Be Still and Know That I Am God".
Psalm 37:7a "Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for him to act."

Thank you for visiting The Ready Writer. I pray this devotional has blessed you today. Have a blessed week in our Lord Jesus Christ!

Kennisha Hill
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Keisha said...

Amen, Kennisha!! I really enjoyed this!