Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Awakened's Arrival

UPS couldn't come fast enough. When I ordered my first copy to approve for the distribution of Awakened, I wasn't sure if I should get it over-nighted or choose 2-5 day shipping. Typically when ordering from the printer, it can take about a week to come (printing time + shipping time). Well, 2-5 days it was. I checked the status on UPS' website every day since last Thursday. Finally, today was the day and the man wearing that brown uniform  banged on my door. I was ecstatic like a little girl on Christmas day!

Immediately, I got the scissors and opened the box. And there it was. My very first published novel. I raced to my children's room, since my son was in the living room watching Horton Hear's A Who, and sat on my son's bed. I marveled at it. I praised God for it. I thought I was going to cry, but I was mostly in awe...way too awestruck to cry. Since I knew my business was to examine it, page by page and front to back, I instantly flipped it over, upside down and raced through the pages to see if there were any problems.

There were none.

Glory to God!

Then, I sat still and started fresh from page one...scrolling through the copyright page, the dedication to my husband, the title page, on to the Prologue. I just could not believe that I was flipping through the pages of my very own novel.

Awakened; a story that was inspired by my personal love story with my husband ended up being a completely fictional story. It is not even loosely based on a true story. Most author's find some things in their life to use as inspiration for their stories, and so some things may sound a little familiar to close friends and family... but that's the beauty of story telling. A book that tells the testimony of someone is a biography or a memoir. A novel is complete fiction- not true....even if some things seem coincidental. Again, the beauty of storytelling.

I couldn't be more excited at it's finally here and finally I can begin sharing this story with the world. This story unfolded on its own. Sometimes at 4am...2am...12pm during kids naps...6am before they woke up... in between nursing my daughter after she was born....instead of hanging out with friends....I mean, it was enormous sacrifice. And, when you take your ministry seriously, something sacrifice becomes your middle name- next to balance.

I will never forget when my husband shared with me how he was frustrated at me for always talking about my book. I never bragged. But, every time I finished a new scene I was excited about, I instantly wanted to share it with him. We had many talks about the type of support I needed to press on. He wanted me to write it, but wanted me to find balance and not overdue it during all hours of the night- especially since we have two toddlers (1 year old and 2 year old) who were often times restless at night or up due to teething.

Literally, it was sometimes a very draining process for me.

But, by the grace of God, it was finally finished and on route to publication.

God's plans for it will be whatever he so desires. I'm just going to enjoy this ride and pray the readers who read Awakened will be blessed and ministered to.

I can't believe it's here!

Thank you Lord for blessing me with the fingers, mind, and opportunity to write this beautiful story. Use it for your purpose. Be glorified, in all things. In Jesus Name, Amen.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Congrats, love!

Sisters Of Honor said...

To God be the glory! I am so excited for you.

MOMSWEB said...

You're on a roll, Mrs. Authoress! Congratulations!

Queen said...

Nisha!!!! I am so excited and proud of you!!! Congratulations woman of God! I just pre-ordered my copy!!! God Bless you and I am looking forward to the next move of God from you!!!!

Wendy said...

You have 2 awards waiting for you over at Faith's Firm Foundation!
(It's ok if you don't do awards. I won't feel offended in any way.)

Christian Mommy Writer said...

So happy for you! Congratulations!