Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Awesomeness of God

God fascinates me. As a little girl, I loved to just stare at the stars and marvel at them and how God must have easily tossed them up in the universe as if they were small crystal balls. And as a teenager, I was glued to sunsets. There were times when I'd race to the Lake just to get a glimpse of the sunset. I had to see it. And when I'd catch it setting, I imagined God painting the sky with that beautiful orange, yellow and purple color. His paintings are always the best.

And, when I became an adult, water seemed so powerful to me. I wondered about the thousands of creatures that are under water that man still have not identified or discovered. I'm sure they are there. That completely amazes me.

God is so amazing.

All of those things have built up to me having a huge fascination with watching certain shows on the channel's Planet Green, Discovery, and Science. I especially love hearing people debate on the idea of God actual creating the universe versus the big bang theory. My husband and I laugh each time.

I recently went back to Genesis chapter 1 and was blown away by it. It amazes me to picture God fashioning everything in place- perfectly. It's on my heart to write a piece about the creation. I'll post it online soon and will let you know when it's available.

I just want to send a word of inspiration to you this morning. Sometimes we can forget just how big God is. The same God that created this world created us. And, what's so amazing is that he created us in his own imagine. We are special. He filled us with a soul so we could have a direct connection with him spiritually and dwell with him eternally in his heavenly kingdom. Do you know how amazing that is? That he gives us the opportunity to communicate with him- the same big God who created the heavens and the earth?

Know God.
Talk to Him.
Spend time with Him.
He's the best relationship you'll ever have.

Thank you for visiting The Ready Writer. I pray this devotional has encouraged you today! Blessings to you this week in Christ Jesus.

Kennisha Hill

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