Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fiction With Purpose

I've always been moved by touching stories- even movies, theatrical productions, songs, raps- it doesn't matter in what form a story is made. I always believed they bring healing, restoration, hope... because people relate to stories and testimonies. It's real. Even Jesus preached with parables...and we know how powerful his examples were.

Well, that's always been something I wanted to do. I've always wanted to just write beautiful stories of hope and love- always pointing toward the cross, where our real hope, redemption and salvation lies. I wanted to write real stories. About things people can believe in and relate to. Nothing too deep, but just deep enough for souls to grasp and feel and even be challenged by.

And so, I wrote Awakened.

(screaming in excitement on the inside)

This book is more than just a good book of fiction, if I may be biased. Honestly, as I go through final edits one more time, I really see why the Lord had me write it. It's a story that I truly believe in. One that I know will really inspire many women (and men) who are seeking fulfillment in the area's of love and career choices.

If you are single, Awakened will hit some areas that I know will speak right to your heart. It will encourage you. It will make you laugh. But more importantly it will challenge you to look a little deeper at where you are and show you the best way to handle exactly where you are. It's not easy, but certainly with the Lord's help, you can make it.

I love Fiction with Purpose.

I love reading novel's with a real message behind them. The books I read aren't just for leisure, although I do enjoy them. But, I really enjoy reading books that will challenge me or even make me examine things from another light that I haven't thought of.

I love to read stories of redemption. Powerful testimonies. Stories that bring healing. Stories that show the beautifulness of real love. Stories that make me laugh and cry. Books that I just can't put down. Page turners.

The type of books I read are exactly the type of stories I pray to deliver.

Because I've decided to take the independent route, until the Lord opens the door for me to get with a publishing house, I need your help with spreading the word about Awakened.

If you would like to host Awakened for a blog-tour or highlight it on your blog, please send an email to kennisha@kennisha-hill.com or respond to this message. I would also love to answer any questions for an interview.

Warmly in Christ,
Kennisha Hill | http://kennisha-hill.com (pre-order your copy today)

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